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City Council approves ordinance to ban 'sky lanterns'

PARKER REED Chippewa Herald

The Chippewa Falls City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to ban open-flame candles and fixtures, including sky lanterns. Read more

UW System to open another investigation into UW-Whitewater sexual harassment allegations


A new accuser and a state senator whose district includes Whitewater, have called for the chancellor's resignation. Read more

State insurance rule on transgender care is sex discrimination, federal judge rules


U.S. District Judge William Conley wrote that a state policy barring state health insurance coverage for gender transition care, which is soon to change, is illegal sex discrimination. Read more

Good weather made for good harvesting in Wisconsin, report says


Sunny skies and dry weather was great news for Wisconsin farmers last week, with crops maturing rapidly and harvesting in full throttle. Read more

Flooding, tornado damage total reaches $232 million; Scott Walker wants federal help for 17 counties


Flooding and tornado damage estimates in Wisconsin reached almost a quarter-billion dollars from storms that ravaged the state last month, according to figures sent to FEMA to start the ball rolling on federal aid. Read more


Texas school superintendent says "can't count" on black QBs

HOUSTON (AP) — An East Texas school superintendent who wrote "You can't count on a black quarterback" in the comment section of an online news article says he thought it was a private message. Read more

White Sox slugger Abreu hospitalized with thigh infection

CLEVELAND (AP) — White Sox All-Star slugger Jose Abreu remains hospitalized with an infection in his right thigh. Read more

Jets not taking hungry, still-winless Browns lightly

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Jamal Adams and the Jets are well aware of the struggles going on in Cleveland. Read more


Sending help where it's needed most after disasters

When it comes to disaster response, the same problem seems to occur over and over: Too much aid goes to some areas while other places with great need get too little help or none at all.  Read more

Happy midterms! Here's a rundown of the best political zingers in history

Labor Day marked the beginning of the decisive, final stretch of the U.S. political campaign season, when candidates prepare to debate one another by practicing their ad-libs or “zingers,” as they’re called, hoping to have the last word with voters. Here's a look at some of the best: Read more

Three reasons the US is not ready for the next pandemic

According to researchers, it is not a matter of if, but when, the next disease will sweep the world with deadly and costly consequences. Here's how the United States and rest of the world could prepare: Read more

Can Trump's White House legally ban reporters?

The White House recently excluded a CNN reporter from an international trade announcement in apparent retaliation after she shouted unwelcome questions at President Donald Trump during an Oval Office appearance, but did it actually violate the Constitution? Read more