Black Keys star Patrick Carney doesn't care about Grammys
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The Black Keys star Patrick Carney doesn't care about Grammys.

The rock duo might have won four of the prestigious music ceremony's awards in the past, but the drummer has admitted he thinks the accolades are meaningless.

Appearing on the 'Joe Rogan Podcast' with bandmate Dan Auerbach, he bemoaned: "None of my favourite bands have f****ng Grammys.

"The Clash don't have a f****ng Grammy. ... What is a f****ng Grammy?

"Like, what is this s***?

"We're just j****ng ourselves off and congratulating ourselves.

"Does anybody watch this s*** that really cares about us? I don't think so."

The 'Fever' rockers' 2014 LP 'Lonely Boy' was nominated for Record of the Year, and the 39-year-old sticksman has admitted he believes winning the prize would have screwed up the band.

He explained: "If we would have won that Grammy, it could have f****d our whole band up.

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"I've seen it happen with lots of bands.

"You become playschool level.

"We wouldn't have changed, but the thing is, you start acquiring a fan base that's more fickle and maybe more annoying."

The Black Keys returned in June with their first album in five years, 'Let's Rock' - the follow-up to 2014's 'Turn Blue' - and Patrick recently admitted their hiatus was much-needed because the band was taking up their entire lives.

Patrick - who married third wife Michelle Branch in April - said: "I think it's pretty common for a band to do some stuff on a schedule.

"If you go back to the late '60s, you'd see that a band like Creedence Clearwater Revival would make like three albums in a year and these bands would last like seven years.

"Ignore the quality of the work, and just look at: How much output can people have together before they start losing it?

"The real bottom line is this: It took us six years to have a hit record and it was unexpected, so when 'Brothers' took off and started selling a lot and people started really paying attention, we kind of felt like we had to take advantage of all the opportunities that were presented to us and we were afraid to say no to anything.

"We just got going and we found ourselves five years later ... like I went through my second divorce. It was just unsustainable because we weren't living our lives, we were just doing the band."

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