FKA twigs reveals inspired behind new song Home with You
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FKA twigs' new song 'Home with You' is about her getting back in touch with "family" and "nature".

The 31-year-old pop star - whose real name is Tahliah Barnett - has shared the new single from her hotly-anticipated album, 'Magdalene', and explained that the song came out of a "flow of consciousness" when she headed back down to the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire to visit her family.

Twigs told Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio: "'Home with You' is a record that I've written from the heart, and it talks about really just me going home to the suburbs where I'm from in Gloucestershire.

"When in doubt, I just follow my gut and try to be around nature, go back to the Cotswolds, and get in touch with my family.

"Sometimes when I'm in the studio, I can write sort of six ideas a day, seven ideas a day, and then you don't really realise what you've done.

"And I remember with 'Home with You,' I had the MP3 on my phone and then I came back to it the next day and I was like, 'Wow, we really did that.'"

The 'Pendulum' singer's long-awaited follow-up to her 2014 debut album, 'LP1', also explores the tumultuous five-year period between her two records, which saw her undergo high-profile heartbreak following her split from Robert Pattinson, as well as the effects of laparoscopic surgery.

She said in a press release about the record: "I never thought heartbreak could be so all-encompassing. I never thought that my body could stop working to the point that I couldn't express myself physically in the ways that I have always loved and found so much solace.

"I have always practiced my way into being the best I could be, but I couldn't do that this time, I was left with no option but to tear every process down.

"But the process of making this album has allowed me for the first time, and in the most real way, to find compassion when I have been at my most ungraceful, confused and fractured.

"I stopped judging myself and at that moment found hope in 'Magdalene'. To her I am forever grateful."

'Cellophane', the album's lead single, was released in April this year, and came as the first solo track she had released since 2016's stand-alone single 'Good to Love'.

And in a recent interview, twigs said the album was inspired by the "sad place" she had found herself in mentally.

She explained: "I was in a sad place, mentally, and I didn't want to come out of it. I don't have many friends there, and wasn't communicating with my friends or family here. I just went and locked myself off."

'Magdalene' is released on October 25.

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