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Student Ambassador Emmaliese Normand helps an elementary student during Camp MACKademia at McDonell Central Catholic High School.

Welcoming students to summer Camp MACKademia learning program at McDonell

Students enjoyed their first day with Camp MACKademia on Monday, July 9. This week they are opening the wonderful world of academia in reading, writing and math and will continue four half days a week through August 9. The program offers a variety of critical thinking activities within a group and one on one setting with MACS teachers, parent volunteers, and student ambassadors.

McDonell Area Catholic Schools announce Student Ambassador St. Vincent de Paul Awards

McDonell Central Catholic High School senior (Class of 2018) Megan Baier, daughter of Randy and Debbie Baier, along with Notre Dame Middle School eighth grader Jonathan Fischer, son of Christopher and Tracy Fischer, were selected as the recipients of the MACS Student Ambassadors 2018 St. Vincent de Paul Community Service Award.

Mary Jacobson, Student Ambassador Coordinator, explained the reason for their selections as the award recipients:

“Megan has been known to leave a wake of goodness behind her. Megan is the kind of student who excels in a lot of areas, but also helps others to do well also. I see that it is important to Megan to be successful, but it is equally important to her to treat people fairly, honestly and compassionately. Her service work always included that.”

“Jonathan is the kind of student who surprised me this year. Being the quiet guy that he is, I didn’t expect to see such commitment, a desire to serve and maturity from him. He always took his responsibilities seriously, and I never had to worry about him doing the job he volunteered for. I look forward to continue working with him during his high school years.”

In their honor of the recipients, a donation was made by Jerry and Mary Jacobson to the St. Vincent de Paul Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Chippewa County.

The fund was started by the Jacobsons in 2006 in appreciation for the MACS Students Ambassadors and their works of service and charity. Each fall, earnings from the fund are available as grants to nonprofit agencies throughout Chippewa County to provide community service opportunities for youth to help those in need.

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