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My brother and I were contemplating the removal of Creeping Charlie from his lawn and we stumbled across this article. We found this to be incredibly informative and well written (I made an account just to post a comment here)! Thanks for the great tips and neat history on this plant. We're now looking into using his "weeds" as Alehoof!


I also just signed up so I could comment on this article! :)
I personally love the idea of letting this "weed" grow instead of grass in our backyard.
I will never understand why people put so much effort into trying to make grass happen. I like the look of creeping charlie more anyway.
But I do have a few questions. Could you tell me what this is like to walk on barefoot? And do you have any idea if it would stand up well to to medium-sized dogs that run around in the backyard?

Thanks for the insight!


I have 2 Great Danes and it holds up fine with them! It's pleasant to walk on barefoot, imho. I love mine and am allowing it to take over my lawn. Smells heavenly to walk on. Enjoy!


I think this has pain full thorn like seeds, before they are ripe they look like a cheese wheel.

At least this is what I think I have. I am not sure of the flower for I thought it was a noctius weed and I'd try to get rid of it before the cheese wheel seed formed.

Let me know as I am still learning this wild flowers or a weed. I will let it grow to have flowers.


Also I read it's poison to dogs. As I am not sure what I have, I am airing on the side of caution. Let me know. Thanks


Conclusion: not toxic to dogs, but is toxic to horses.

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