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Buying Guide: Amazon's best-selling wine and beer fridge is very affordable
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Buying Guide: Amazon's best-selling wine and beer fridge is very affordable

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to build out your home bar, Amazon’s best-selling wine and beer fridge should be your next purchase. This super quiet counter top fridge is perfect for storing your favorite beverages at the ideal temperature—and it costs under $200.

Perfect Temperature for Wine Aging

If you want to ensure your wine tastes amazing after long term storage, keeping your bottles at 55 degrees is often recommended. This counter top fridge allows you to customize the temperature between 40 and 61 degrees. The fridge holds 18 standard bottles of wine.

Ideal Light and Humidity

This fridge has reinforced glass door so you can always see what you have in stock, and the airtight seal maintains an ideal humidity level. The soft LED blue light inside showcases your home bar, but won’t damage the wine.

Extra Quiet

When it comes to a counter top fridge, lack of vibration is important. This Antarctic Star refrigerator has an advanced cooling system that keeps beverages frosty without making a noise. The adjustable leveling legs prevent noisy vibration.


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