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Squeaky clean

A junior stock show participant cleans off some of her cattle Wednesday afternoon at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.

The following Chippewa County 4-H members received Awards of Excellence for Junior Fair projects, exhibited at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair this past year. The awards are given to a few select awardees who are “outstanding representatives of 4-H Youth Work,” said UW-Extension — Chippewa County’s 4-H Program Coordinator Heidi Vanderloop.

B- 6 Non-Animal Horse

Joseph Muszynski, Sunny Valley

B-7 Poultry

Megan Cornell (5), Stanley-Boyd FFA

Lillian Crosby (3), Jim Town Jumpers

Brady Junker (3), Stanley-Boyd FFA

Syleen Seichter, Borderline Rebels

Storm Tiry (4), Sunny Valley

Alexander Williams, Borderline Rebels

B-8 Rabbits

Lydia Brekken, Mile Corner

Teryn Close, Otter Creek Ramblers

Kaitlyn Liszewski, Edson Hilltop

Natalie Liszewski, Edson Hilltop

Santanna Longdo (4), Howard-Wheaton

Cheyennah Millermon (3), Howard-Wheaton

Savana Millermon, Howard-Wheaton

Chloe Prince, Sunnyside

Blake Sikora (3), Howard-Wheaton

Jeffrey Sikora, Howard-Wheaton

Jessica Sikora (4), Otter Creek Ramblers

Jadyn Zwiefelhofer, Sunnyside

B-9 Dog

Larissa Kaz, Jim Town Jumpers

Natalie Steiger, Wissota Raptors

B-10A Small Animals

Autumn Anderson, HayCreek Ramblers

Emily Honaker, HayCreek Ramblers

B-10B-D Animal and Vet Science

Gabriel Loew, Howard-Wheaton

Lane Porter, Otter Creek Ramblers

Jessica Sikora, Otter Creek Ramblers

B-15 Flowers & Houseplants

Olivia Bourget, Edson Hilltop

Trevor Christoph, Unspecified Club

Deegan McInnis, Howard-Wheaton

B-18 Cultural Arts

Autumn Anderson, HayCreek Ramblers

Caleb Gotham, Duncan Creek

Wyatt Gotham Duncan Creek

Ally Lehmann, Wissota Raptors

Kaden Matott, Sigel Sod Busters

Cheyennah Millermon, Howard-Wheaton

Josie Radtke, Edson Hilltop

Drama Performance, Otter Creek Ramblers

Gianna Sedlacek, Otter Creek Ramblers

Jessica Sikora, Otter Creek Ramblers

Sarah Steiger, Wissota Raptors

Sierra Thompson, Borderline Rebels

B-25A Food & Nutrition

Cali Goulet, Sunnyside

Emily Honaker, HayCreek Ramblers

Natalie Honaker, HayCreek Ramblers

Paige Oemig, Edson Hilltop

Jessica Sikora, Otter Creek Ramblers

Samantha Wirtz, Wissota Raptors

B-25F Food Preservation

Larissa Fossum, Duncan Creek

B-25G Foods Revue

Airiana Bremness, Jim Town Jumpers

Logan Lubs, Wissota Raptors

Jamie Lyons, Mile Corner

Jaryn Schesel, Edson Hilltop

B-26A Clothing

Autumn Anderson, HayCreek Ramblers

B-26B Clothing Revue

Autumn Anderson, HayCreek Ramblers

Ally Lehmann, Wissota Raptors

Jessica Topper, Howard-Wheaton

B-27 Knitting & Crocheting

Olivia Heidtke, Mile Corner

B-28 Home Furnishings

Lauren Buescher, Sunny Valley

B-29 Family Living

Jessica Sikora, Otter Creek Ramblers

B-34 Health, Safety, Social & Political Sciences

Jack Porter, Otter Creek Ramblers

B-33 Youth Leadership

Emily Ausman, Sunny Valley

Alltrista Award

Larissa Fossum, Duncan Creek

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