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Time Capsule Hallie Golf Course

An article from the Chippewa Herald’s March 29, 1983 issue details the history of the Hallie Golf Course from 1927 to 1983:

Hallie Golf Course was started in spring of 1925, on 280 acres of land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Moe, but leased to a group of men who later formed Hillcrest Golf Club. The original club house, which was merely a stand, was located just off the road on the N.E. corner, coming from what is now hole number 5 going over to number 6. This road was the original road between Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls.

In 1927, Hillcrest was started at its present location. Mr. and Mrs. Moe kept this course operating until Mr. Moe died in 1930. Mrs. Moe then leased the course to a group of Eau Claire businessmen for about tree years. During this time, another nine holes were added, and a clubhouse where this one stands. The upper nine holes proved unpopular and too expensive to operate during those depression years. The upper clubhouse burned in 1942.

Mrs. Moe again took over the operation of the course, except for 1937, when Einar Pederson ran the course.

On October 29, 1941, the course was sold to Art Tangen and Karl (Kolly) Johnson. Art purchased Kolly’s interest in the course in 1957.

The deed to this property was first recorded April 10, 1858, from the United States, when James Buchanan was president. There were several owners from this time until November 23, 1920, when Joseph and Bertha Moe purchased the property. One of the owners was the Badger Lumber Company on September 15, 1874. The foundation that is in the hill of the old parking lot was an icehouse that was used for the lumber camp. Later it was used for ice for the golf course.

Lake Hallie had a dam near the original stand. This dam was controlled by the Minnesota-Wisconsin Power and Light Company, which became Northern States Power Company. The Interurban (streetcar) ran from Eau Claire to Chippewa Falls on the tracks almost parallel to the railroad tracks. The big stop was Lake Hallie for Electric Park, owned by Northern States Power Company. Electric Park was a big picnic area for families as there were merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, etc.

During the 1930’s and early 1940’s, after the demise of Electric Park, Silhouette Inn (Houette) was a popular spot. This property adjoins the golf course.

In February 1979, a new clubhouse was erected overlooking the golf course and beautiful Lake Hallie. It contains the pro shop, bar and dining facilities for sixty people. Arlen and Randy Hartl have operated the Hallie Supper Club since March 1982. It has banquet facilities, nightly specials and is open to the public.

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