BurgerTime Party! (Xseed Games)

Parents need to know that “BurgerTime Party!" is an arcade game exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch. The game's a reboot/remake of the classic arcade game BurgerTime, with a new presentation, new gameplay elements and new co-op and competitive multiplayer features. The point of the game is having players rush to build giant hamburgers while avoiding getting caught by discarded toppings chasing them down. There's very little violence, apart from dropping burger parts on top of enemies or taking the ground out from beneath them. Multiplayer options allow players to work together in teams to build burgers and even to take on the roles of the enemies, coordinating with other to stop the chefs in their tracks. Otherwise, there's no inappropriate content in the game.


The arcade classic BurgerTime has been updated for a new generation of gamers, with new graphics and sounds, gameplay features, and multiplayer options, but that same nostalgic flavor the game has been known for. Players can team up and take on stages in two v. two competitive matches or participate in all out brawls in Battle Burger mode, where players can choose to play as either a pepper-wielding chef or one of his infamous Food Foes. You'll be able to take on all comers and put your culinary skills to the test, proving once and for all that your burgers are the best in town.


Messing with a classic can often be a recipe for disaster, but if it's done right, it can also inject a whole new layer of flavor to a tasty nostalgic treat. That's just what happens here with BurgerTime Party!. The game manages to perfectly recreate the formula that made the original so much fun, and yet update it in ways that adds multiple layers to the experience. Right from the start, the game leans hard into its nostalgic flair and wacky premise with a visual style pulled straight from a Max Fleischer cartoon from the 1930s. The game also adds a few new tricks to the familiar stages, such as crumbling platforms, ladders and floors made out of slick ice.

BurgerTime Party!, as the title would suggest, finds a few new ways to bring more players into the mix as well. In the Main Mode, up to four players can team up to take on the challenge of each stage. Chefs share a pool of lives and can revive each other if knocked out, making teamwork a key part of raking in high scores. Battle Mode, on the other hand, is a competitive mode that gives players a chance to be the bad guy, choosing either to play as a chef or as one of the notorious Food Foes. No matter how you choose to play, though, BurgerTime Party! is a satisfying serving of old school arcade fun with a heaping helping of the works that's more than enough to feed your gaming hunger.


Recommended for ages 8 and older

Quality: 5 out of 5

Positive messages: 2 out of 5

Positive role models: 0 out of 5

Ease of play: 4 out of 5

Violence and scariness: 1 out of 5

Language: 0 out of 5

Consumerism: 0 out of 5


Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Price: $29.99

Developer: Xseed Games

Release date: Oct. 8

Genre: Arcade

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