Laverne and Lucy

Laverne and Lucy are a comedy/musical duo who have been performing together since they were teenagers.

Get ready to laugh and enjoy a night out before another Wisconsin winter rolls in.

Comedy duo Laverne and Lucy are set to hit the Heyde Center for the Arts stage in Chippewa Falls on Friday for a night of comedy and music.

Tricia Haynes and Lori Hurley, the pair behind Laverne and Lucy, pride themselves on delivering side-splitting comedy combined with lively music in the genres of rock 'n’ roll, bluegrass and other high-energy offerings.

Debra Johnson, executive director for the Heyde Center for the Arts, said the show while traditionally targeted toward an older demographic will be suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

“They like to be interactive,” Johnson said. “It’s basically a two-person variety show. Everyone can enjoy the show even though it is generally targeted towards an older crowd. There’s a lot of opportunities because it’s so visual and the music won’t go over kids’ heads. It’s accessible, so kids aged middle school and up will enjoy it if they come with their parents or their grandparents.”

Haynes and Hurley began performing together professionally in their teenage years. Since then, they’ve continuously crafted their act consisting of clean fun and quality musicianship. Johnson said the pair interacts with the crowd to make each performance unique and interplay is essential to their performance.

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Johnson said sales for the show have been impressive so far, with a number of groups traveling from out of state to see the performance.

She said the Heyde Center continues to heavily promote the entertainment it features because the art of live entertainment has been lost in recent times.

“We’ve gotten away from the fact that live entertainment is so much better than sitting in front of a TV,” Johnson said. “You can have a laugh track while you’re watching a sitcom, and I enjoy TV, but to get to spend a time out with a group while you’re all sharing a laugh is something you can’t compare to sitting at home. I don’t think we do it often enough.”

If you’re looking for a fun night out before the winter season, hits the Chippewa Valley, Johnson said Friday’s Laverne and Lucy performance is right up your alley.

“There probably won’t be any snow yet, so it’s a great opportunity to come to a show,” Johnson said. “People can come and have a good hearty laugh, have a drink or two and see one of the great things the Chippewa Valley has to offer.”

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