Alex Tretter

In this June 19 file photo, chef Alex Tretter carries a tray of cannabis-infused peanut butter and jelly cups to the oven for baking at Sweet Grass Kitchen, a Denver-based gourmet marijuana edibles bakery which sells its confections to retail outlets throughout the state. 

A Chippewa Falls man faces a charge of second degree recklessly endangering safety after his daughter ate a chocolate bar with 225 milligrams of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.

Jason N. Hetke, 38, 1619 Nicholas Lane No. 3 is also charged with child neglect and possession of THC dating from June 12 in Chippewa Falls. Hetke is scheduled to appear before Judge James Isaacson at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28.

According to a criminal complaint:

The girl appeared intoxicated in school after eating an entire THC chocolate bar, that has the nickname of a Colorado Bar. She said she ate edibles brought back from Colorado, which legalized marijuana for adults over 21 in 2012.

The girl said the bar was about a third of the size of a dollar bill. Her pulse was so weak that a school officer and an officer were unable to read it. In her pants pocket there was this writing: “Blue Kudu Chocolate, 225 mg of THC, 22.5 doses. Extremely potent. Do not eat all at once.”

The girl said she found the bar in a dresser drawer inside her father’s bedroom.

Using a search warrant, police opened a night stand in Jason Hetke’s residence and found a bag labeled “Colorado Bar,” that said the weight of the package was 43 grams and was labeled as being medicinal THC.

In another bedroom police found a bag weighing 3 grams. It was butane hash oil, a concentrated form of THC.

A report by a federally funded drug task force on Thursday said the amount of Colorado marijuana being seized en route to other states through the U.S. mail has more than quadrupled since 2010 and was destined for more states than before.

Postal inspectors seized more than 493 pounds of pot from packages in 2013, up from 57 pounds in 2010, the year after medical marijuana dispensaries proliferated in Colorado, according to the figures released this month by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

Just 15 packages were bound for 10 states in 2010, compared to the 207 parcels destined for 33 states in 2013. Top destinations were Florida, Maryland and Illinois, the report states.

Among the cases listed in the report:

—A Boulder, Colorado, man who sent more than 14 pounds of pot to places including Wisconsin, Massachusetts and California.

—A Lakewood, Colorado, man who police say used his condo and a warehouse to grow enough high-grade marijuana for his crime ring to send between 24 and 60 pounds each month to out-of-state customers.

—A suburban Denver drug task force seized nearly 20 pounds of pot from three FedEx packages bound for Illinois and Kansas.

The report, based on information from the United States Postal Inspection Service, doesn’t contain figures for the first six months of 2014, when recreational pot shops opened in the state. The Postal Service in Denver has denied requests from The Associated Press for the same data.

The spike in pot seizures is a sign not of more proactive postal investigations but that more people are shipping pot through the mail, said Tom Gorman, director of Rocky HIDTA, a network of law enforcement organizations in four western states that share information on drug-running patterns. It releases a yearly report about marijuana legalization as part of its work.

Despite being legal in Colorado, federal law maintains marijuana use and sales are illegal. Because the Postal Service is a federal agency, using it to move marijuana — even within states where it is legal — is a crime.

Denver attorney Brian Vicente, who helped write the pot law, said the leakage of Colorado marijuana into other states is a serious issue that voters agreed should remain illegal. But he was skeptical of the HIDTA report, which he said promotes prohibition.

The U.S. Justice Department said it would tolerate marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington as long as the pot didn’t cross state lines. But federal authorities rarely pursue cases involving small-scale marijuana smuggling.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver said some cases remain under investigation.

“We’re supposed to eliminate the black market, but we’ve become the black market for so many states,” Gorman said. “It’s all about making money for most of these people. I send you marijuana or edibles, and you pay me for it, and I can get a lot more money by trafficking it to states where it is illegal.”

He said people are also sending it through private couriers like FedEx and UPS, which don’t release statistics on their seizures. Neither company would comment on how it investigates such cases.

Postal inspectors haven’t changed their enforcement approach despite the “uptick in marijuana leaving the state,” said Denver-based U.S. Postal Inspector Pamela Durkee, who would not elaborate. She said the focus remains on thwarting and dismantling large-scale enterprises and organized groups that send high volumes of pot and narcotics.

“We wish we had a few extra bodies, but we don’t see the challenges as being a lot different than they have been in the past,” Durkee said.

Gorman said much of the illegal exports come from people who grow their own plants either at home or in warehouses. State law allows adults to grow up to six plants, though doctors can recommend more for medical patients. The complexities of the law make it difficult for police to enforce high-volume grows.

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So the kid found this by rooting around in the drawers of her dad's bedroom, a place where she clearly had no business, and now he's getting charged with "child neglect"?

It makes me wonder: Would he be facing the same charges if his daughter had raided his liquor cabinet? or drank too many beers from his fridge? or gotten into his cigarettes?


Kids end up in a lot of places they have no business being. It's the adults responsibility to keep things that should be out of their hands out.
The article said the kid barely had a pulse, sounds like this bar was close to being lethal.
If a kid ends up at school drunk, yes, the parent would/should get charged, even thiugh the kid had no business being in the liquor cabinet.


"sounds like this bar was close to being lethal"

Literally no one has ever died from "marijuana intoxication". It's more or less physically impossible to do so.


From what I have read, and I will admit that I am still learning, you are correct, smoking a lethal dose is next to impossible. The ingestion in children has caused coma or the need of a ventilator. (seattle childrens) I'm sure you can agree that is serious and if untreated could be lethal.
I'm not anti, just think there needs to be more studies done.

Eva Lee

This is a case for harm reduction.

When my children were young, my marijuana use was investigated by CAS. I live in Canada where medical marijuana is legal. However, an over zealous doctor decided that they would be more comfortable if I was forced to go back onto the dangerous pharmaceuticals that had more side effects than benefits.

About a month after the investigation, I received a letter from CAS stating that my marijuana use did not negatively impact my children.

How did this happen? My children were interviewed. They explained how they know the difference between my individually wrapped medicine and "everybody safe" baked goods. They explained why they would not use it. They showed the locked box where it was kept to the worker and let her know that the key was not within their proximity. Accidental ingestion risk was at a minimum.

When I had a prescription for Oxycodone, CAS did not visit to make sure it was out of my childrens reach. Illogical.


@ ObbieZ
Yes, the father should be charged. If an adult leaves a gun where a child could get their hands on it and shoot themselves or another person that is a crime, same as drugs are.
The thing about a gun is even a young child knows a gun is dangerous, but a candy bar with THC could be just as deadly and the child would not know the candy is an illegal drug.

For a child to have an undetectable pulse, how long will they survive? If it was not for this event happening at school this girl could have died. If the girl died the father would have been charged with homicide.


Coming from a state that has legalized medical cannabis (almost 20 yrs ago), the naysayers sound ridiculous. The child was very relaxed. So what did the doctors do for the child, I'll venture to guess they did absolutely nothing.

"If the girl died" Died from what??? Cannabis is not deadly. The girl could NOT have died. Your ignorance about cannabis is embarrassing.


ObbieZ, another hypothetical case would be his daughter finding a loaded handgun in the drawer (instead of a bakery item). Of course, some people might want to raise a "2nd Amendment" rights defense on that one, and everyone knows what that buys you.


@JRockford and @misthaufen:

Take your straw man somewhere else. Of course he should be charged if the kid gets her hands on a gun.

But I didn't ask about guns, did I? I asked about legal intoxicants that are more dangerous and lethal than cannabis: liquor, beer/wine, or cigarettes.


@ ObbieZ
It's easy to see who are the pot heads by reading the responses.
If a person is killed or injured by irresponsible behavior for example, driving a car, leaving a loaded gun or a THC candy bar where a child can get it this is a criminal offense.
Earlier this year in Fargo a child was rushed to the hospital for eating THC gum drops from Colorado. I agree with Bill Hammer that Colorado should be held responsible too.
If the federal government felt it was safe for everyone to have they would legalize THC and tax the heck out of it.
Colorado is making a small fortune on the taxes they collect now. Let's see in the next ten years how this effects the use of other drugs and the cost for rehab once people are addicted and future medical costs for cancer and other health related issues.
I wonder how this effects Colorado's driving under the influence of drugs statistics.
ObbieZ you should move to Colorado and eat some candy bars you seem a little worked up.


What's your thought on alcohol?

I see many more cases of injury, death, neglect, and abuse with alcohol than cannabis. Unlike alcohol, marijuana is incapable of causing a fatal overdose, and its use is inversely associated with aggression and injury. According to a published review in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, “A direct comparison of alcohol and cannabis showed that alcohol was considered to be more than twice as harmful as cannabis to users, and five times more harmful as cannabis to others.


Because alcohol is legal, therefore more easily available and more often misused.

Legalize pot and you will see cases rise.


Northwoods, so with your logic, should we make alcohol illegal to reduce the number of cases of injury, death, neglect, and abuse associated with alcohol use?


All those words without responding to my original point, and you say that *I* am the one who seems a little worked up?


How old is the girl? She knew to look in daddy's dresser for the edible that was called what? These products are clearly labeled and are not deadly, no mater how much a prohibitionist says so.


legalize it already and just place responsibilities on the people that have/use it.


Yes this reckless Dad should be charged with endangering his child's welfare.
I suspect with the concentration of MJ in the chocolate bar was Not for 'medicinal' use.
THC is Not the ONLY cannabinoid in MJ, there are dozens.
For those desiring seizure control, the desire is to have Very little THC.
Pain control necessitates other cannabinoid combinations.
Some research has been done on using certain hybrids of MJ, and More research should be done.
*I struggle with Horrible pain in my feet and ankles, ... OTC and Scripted Pharmaceuticals do little. ... If MJ was available (Legally) I would be open to trying it.
I Do Not use MJ because it is illegal, and If I were be 'random tested' or have an injury (Even just a scratch that draws blood, or a bruise) at work I could be Fired.


Soon, high CBD, low THC strains will be readily available for MMJ patients. Right you are S-B, the Dad should be charged.

How does a person get a fine/possible jail time with Huber privilages for DWD 2nd offense, and Johnny gets caught with a jay and gets 2 years in prison?

Some of the same people that rail against "back to the 1800's" values, oppose MMJ?

Alcohol is the drug of choice of the last generation. Light & others, you are dead on. Alcohol and cigarettes are the most dangerous gateway drugs, proven to kill.....and legal.

Hope y'all had a nice holiday!

Phoenix Cherub

I’m from Colorado and the recreational dose limit on edibles is only 10 doses (100 milligrams) and there is no medical edible that is 225 milligrams (22 1/2 doses). There are ones that are 10 25 40 75 100 150 175 200 250 300 but NO 225. The Police are lying. AND the idea that they would make a candy bar so strong that eating all it at once would nearly kill you, and they would just put this stupid little warning on there to fool young children who are not good at reading into eating it is another absurd police lie. There are ZERO mj candy bars that say that on the wrapper. We have Strict regulations for that in Colorado, and the legislature just passed another round of them a few months back..


lol It took a simple google search: http://bluekudu.com/medical-products/ Their "The Original" bar is exactly what they are talking about.

Love those "facts" you pulled out of thin air.


Even in the places where pot is legal, those edibles are for adults, so yeah, this father needs to experience some consequences. But I really don't trust the report that this foolish girl almost died. Nobody in history is known to have died from consuming an excessive dose of cannabis. Sorry, made-up "reefer madness" horror-stories don't count.

Bill Hammer

Last I checked dope is illegal in this state, I also believe Colorado needs to be held responsible for the sale allowing it to be transported across state lines. Enough with drugs already, if you are unable to handle daily stress's see your local so called medical doctor they have all you need! It is a Sad day when a society never seems to be able to find enough drugs. So so many weak people! Sad, Sad

Phoenix Cherub

Everything about you is Pure @ss. Colorado didn't allow it to be transported across state lines. This guy broke the law however he got it. The supposed dosage is higher anything they sell for recreational use and since you have to live in Colorado to get your medical card, there is no way a pot shop in Colorado sold to this guy. I agree people shouldn't use drugs to try to deal with their problems but to promote prescription drug use even if from a more "traditional" legal source is just wrong and dangerous. It's when everyone with half a brain reading realizes your Pure @ss.

Bill Hammer

Sounds like you need to go to your drug store and relax, sounds like you have a really bright future ahead! Good luck


It's interesting that marijuana has been illegal despite the proven medical benefits for various conditions. Could it possibly be big pharma contributing to keeping marijuana illegal (sarcasm)? It's also been proven that many synthetic drugs have far more side effects than marijuana, leading to many more, sometimes more serious, conditions than that of which is being directly treated.


Hey light-hope you had a good weekend. I'm undecided on the entire marijuana issue. I'm hesitant to legalize it, here is why. We already have mind altering drugs were desperately trying to control, why add anything more? Medicinal-why not do clinical trials to see what the benefits are? It's done with every other drug, why not marijuana?
I'm not anti, but I do think we should do more education before giving the go ahead, especially for recreational use. ( for the weed smokers out there, toke up, I don't really care!)


Hi visitor weekend was good, hope yours was too. I can understand why you and many others are undecided or flat out against legalization of marijuana with all the misinformation and rhetoric against it. We've all had it pounded into our brains from a very early age that marijuana is bad, but low and behold if new information has come out about the benefits to the drug. I've been reading lots on the medical benefits (from reliable medical studies) and it is alarming to learn the numerous medical conditions that marijuana can help. If you or anyone else is interested, I can post links. If not, I encourage others to seek out more info on the matter.


Blue Kudu Chocolate does indeed have a 225 mg of THC bar. Check out this link on their website.
http://bluekudu.com/medical-products/# The second to the last one fits the description.
However the inflammatory writing in this article is hysterical and just plain wrong. Many people including young girls have "faint pulses". Usually the sign of a marijuana overdoes include a rapid pulse.The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has some helpful information.
I have given marijuana as a medicine to cancer or elderly patients who have been prescribed it by a doctor to help with nausea or anorexia.


@JRockford - " a candy bar with THC could be just as deadly (as a gun)" ??? Not even close... There have been ZERO recorded overdose deaths from cannabis... EVER ! Tens of thousands of firearms deaths EVERY YEAR !


Jimmylimo-has anyone overdosed from a gun? Nope, not a one. Have people been killed by guns? Yep. Has anyone overdosed from marijuana? I dknt think so, has anyone been killed because of marijuana? Yep. Before you say no one has died because of weed, think it through.


Has anyone died because of marijuana prohibition?

Seriously People

Definitely still the #1 beer state here in WI. 1st I would feel safer in a car with a pot smoker than drunk person. How many dui's can a person get before they get hard time. WI, 10! Wake up! I have done pot in the past but not now. To each there own. For all you anti haters, you need to loosen up and get out more. Half the people you associate with probably use marijuana regularly. Legal or not, people are going to do what they want. As for dad, I grew up with him. My daughter is about her age. She's old enough to know what she just ate which was hidden. My kids would never snoop in our room unless they were looking for something they shouldn't be( be drugs, pills, porn). He is a good dad that works a full-time job and is now stuck having to live with this. In WI a lot of parents host/ Provide alcohol for mass parties in their homes for their kids and friends. Parents take the kids to bars and feed them alcohol no problem . He wasn't smoking it with her. Which is worse?

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