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Cougar on camera

This cougar was photographed between Mondovi and Gilmanton in northern Buffalo County on Saturday, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

A wild cougar was photographed in Buffalo County in western Wisconsin, the state Department of Natural Resources confirmed Wednesday.

An outdoorsman using a trail camera snapped the photo, and a DNR wildlife biologist confirmed the background vegetation in the photo matched the site. The biologist also found cougar tracks on a small patch of sand in the area.

Buffalo County, south of Eau Claire, is known as a rich area for deer hunting.

“There are probably more trail cameras in Buffalo County, per capita, than in any other county in the state. I wouldn’t be surprised if (the cougar) shows up on camera again,” said the biologist, Kris Johansen.

The cougar was photographed after dark Saturday in northern Buffalo County, between Gilmanton and Mondovi. DNR personnel are searching for additional prints or biological samples, but haven’t found any more as of Wednesday.

The sighting of the cougar in Buffalo County is the second in Wisconsin this year, with the previous one in Crandon on March 26.

“Cougars are a protected species in Wisconsin and cannot be shot unless attacking a human or a domestic animal. Cougar attacks on humans are exceedingly rare. They are rarely seen even in western states, where they exist in high numbers,” the DNR says.

One cougar, dubbed the “St. Croix Cougar,” went from Minnesota and into Wisconsin in the winter of 2009-10, and wound up being killed by a vehicle in Connecticut in 2011. That cougar traveled anywhere from 1,055 to 1,600 miles, biologists estimate.


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(9) comments


QUICK, kill the cougar, it eats deer.


Enlightenment. I went back and read your recent posts. You seem very intelligent. It seems too that your writing contains so much contempt and hate. It really diminishes every comment you make.
I hope you can get control of your emotions. Good Luck.


Southsider, my sarcasm gets in the way sometimes.

My post is a poor attempt at humor based on the recent outcry of the wolf hunt.


So to help you understand Southsider, I'm not emotional towards this topic. I'd muster up an opinion on the subject if prompted, but nothing at this time. Good luck back at you.


I would suspect one on one that the Cougar would win, but Wolves usually travel in packs so I the Cougar would probably take a few out before meeting it's ultimate demise.

It's a beautiful animal and I agree that it shouldn't be killed unless it attacks a human. I am a dog owner but I am not sure I agree with killing it over it attacking a domestic animal - it's only doing what comes naturally whereas humans typically do stupid things to get attacked to begin with.


I couldn't have said it better myself, Merlin. I agree with you 100%.


I thought this was going to be an article on Courteney Cox.


Doesn't surprise me....I seen one out in Lafayette a couple of years ago.


My wife was nowhere near that area last weekend......

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