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If employers are the job creators that have been getting massive tax cuts under the Republican regime, should not these job creators be the ones to pay for all of this instead of forcing more taxes on the general population paying property taxes?

If rates are now very low at private lending institutions and C.V.T.C. wants to invest in itself, how is having employer job creators paying for the training and educational services that in turns pays off the debt to a private lending institution not happening?


Spot on my friend!! Students only have to be in the district 19 days and can vote. They don't need to own property and they completely have no skin in the game. The referendum in itself is unfair


"Sen. Sheila Harsdorf and Rep. John Murtha Receive State Chamber’s “Working for Wisconsin” Award

The award is given to legislators who stand up for jobs and improve the state’s business climate by voting 80 percent or greater in support of the pro-jobs position on the WMC legislative scorecard. WMC reports that Sen. Sheila Harsdorf and Rep. John Murtha voted 100 percent to support job-creating legislation.

“Sen. Harsdorf and Rep. Murtha were true-leaders for job creation and voted time and again to support pro-growth policies in the Legislature,” said Kurt R. Bauer, WMC President/CEO."

Wisconsin has witnessed back-to-back historic legislative sessions for job creation over the past four years, under the leadership of Governor Scott Walker. Walker has signed every pro-growth bill that has reached his desk, and has taken a leadership role driving pro-growth reforms."



Don't forget the Dept. of Workforce Development and the Fast-Forward program in existence for years. In fact, the Fast Forward program turned back money last year because it didn't get the participation. The Fast Forward program requires skin in the game by the student and the business or entity seeking a grant. That should be the model. The business is required to supply 50 % of the cost. The legislature just passed a bill adding more of a workload to DWD by adding apprenticeships to the existing list that DWD had stated they had experience with heightened interest so far. I'm currently watching the activity of the Fast Forward program; they already extended the timeline for the current requests due to the current pandemic. The local property taxpayers have been more that generous through the years to CVTC The shotgun approach by the legislature needs to be watched very close when it comes to public higher education in this state UW Stout has had engineering programs for some time now. be very careful how you use the word "engineer" Stout's engineering programs are certified nationally. The tech college system of this state has no certified engineering programs to my knowledge. Dual enrollment with the high schools has been successful, but that doesn't require new buildings. The tidal wave of school district referenda these past years should be a red flag that the state legislators haven't been doing their jobs Is there any limit of the debt we are passing down to our children and grandchildren?

larry wilder

Relly with all the schools asking for money now you want money to. I dont think so vote it down.


""Scott Walker inherited a state budget that falsely promised to spend more than Wisconsin citizens could afford. He avoided the 'easy' and traditional path of yet again raising taxes and slashing budgets across the board. Instead he reduced taxes to create more jobs and opportunities and therefore more tax revenue while reducing spending by reforming government to perform better at lower costs: specifically Act 10. Reducing the tax burden and reforming government to cost less is the path forward for Wisconsin and the nation.""



Lets see this for what it really is. Double dipping. Its not political. This expansion is simply a land grab, which amounts to being criminal and unconstitutional. The root and a better commonality is to see the lazy-thinkers' belief money falls from the sky. Put any spin on it. I am against it.


These appointed tech district boards, not elected, have the ability to borrow millions every year. At the local level this is pure taxation without representation With the mission creep of the tech colleges over the years, we're headed for a community college system.


"Opposition was also voiced about giving $200 million in public funds for a new Milwaukee Bucks basketball arena with their argument being, if the Bucks owners want a new arena, they should pay for it themselves."



Dunn Co borrowed 9 million last budget and now 14 million for Neighbors, and added a wheel tax., The Tech school referendum on top of this, not to mention school district referenda, If you are a retired senior living on a fixed income and trying to stay in your home you worked so hard for in your working life, it seems the property taxes don't quit, let alone the normal increases such as insurances and healthcare costs. Building new buildings and buying more land for further building expansion does nothing but increase fixed costs for property taxpayers. Do you think the reason for all these school district referenda may be do to the fact that the state hasn't had two-thirds funding of schools for how long? I thought former Governor Walker with his Act 10 and getting rid of unions for the most part was to give the school districts the "tools" they need. So much for that. When tech colleges seek referenda the red flags should go up. One more tidbit for you. Blackhawk Tech district in the southern part of the state is working on a 32 million dollars referendum riight now. Which tech district will be the next to join the mix?


"WISCONSIN IS LEADING THE WAY!! This how it is done, America!

We are pleased to announce that Wisconsin ended the last fiscal year with a $313.8 million positive balance, and Wisconsin’s rainy day is 165 times larger than when we took office. We will continue to be good stewards of your hard-earned tax dollars. – Scott"



Don't forget the Elk Mound School District is have a referendum as well. Property taxpayers in this school district may be in for the "double whammy"


"Menards Accused Of Price Gouging Face Masks, Bleach And Other Cleaning Products Amid Coronavirus Panic

... investigators found the store had doubled the price of cleaning products last week and "significantly" raised the price of face masks.

"Large corporations must also play by the rules, and my office will work diligently to ensure this state's consumers are treated fairly and not abused by businesses seeking to unlawfully jack prices up to line their pockets with profits at the expense of the public during this time of great need."

Menards will have 10 days to respond to the letter...""


Is this worse than insider trading?

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