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Maybe the characters in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World could learn from Chippewa Falls students on preventing dinosaur destruction.

Local students were invited to the Chippewa Falls Public Library Wednesday afternoon to read a dinosaur book, learn about storyboard making, brainstorm plot lines and film a movie about proper library etiquette featuring a dinosaur named “Dino Jenna,” as part of series of dinosaur-related events the library is hosting this week during local spring breaks.

Students and their families are invited back today to film more movies, and again on Friday for popcorn and a screening of The Land Before Time. Students earlier in the week were also archaeologists looking for fossils and made cretaceous crafts, said the library’s children’s services Coordinator Jessi Peterson.

The week of activities, Peterson said, is a way for the library to offer additional resources to parents and families during vacation periods.

“Any time the kids are off of school, we want to be an option for something to do… educational and fun,” Peterson said. “If you get them early, then it’s a habit.”

Austin Yetter, 6, was attending the movie-making event Wednesday after participating in Monday and Tuesday’s events.

While the aspiring filmmaker decided to keep his storyboard private, he did share that his story involved ripping books.

Meanwhile, Devon Schroeder, 15, was helping his cousin, Beckett Boettcher, 5, with his storyboard. The duo’s story involved a dinosaur who decided books were tasty snacks before regretting that decision.

Boettcher was also chosen as one of the stars of the films, which included him telling Dino Jenna to stop stomping on the books before helping her pick them up and put them away. The role of Dino Jenna was played by the library’s child services assistant, Jenna Gilles-Turner.

Despite a battery malfunction and a loud fan making Dino Jenna’s listening abilities difficult, Wednesday’s students taught her the importance to taking damaged books back to the librarian and putting them away with care.

There’s no telling what antics Dino Jenna will stir up for Thursday, but if Wednesday’s crop of dino-enthusiasts and movie mongers were any indication, dinosaurs will run amuck in libraries if not properly educated.



Samantha Stetzer is a community and city reporter for the Chippewa Herald. Contact her via email at or call her at 715-738-1610.

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