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Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is the largest franchise moving companies in the United States, having performed over seven million moves since launching in 1985.

In 2019, two national franchises are looking to make Chippewa Falls their home.

Two Men and a Truck

Currently headquartered in Michigan, Two Men and a Truck has built its way up from two men in 1985 looking to make some extra company helping people move into the largest moving franchise in the United States.

The company specializes in in-city moves, packing and unpacking. Other services Two Men and a Truck provides include storage in some areas, as well as interstate moves.

Two Men and a Truck franchise development specialist Cheryl Ackley said the business is looking to come to the Chippewa Valley to help provide its service in one of the most important areas of Wisconsin.

“We do have an area in Wisconsin we’re looking at expanding to and Chippewa Falls is one of the bigger cities in that territory,” Ackley said. “When we’re looking for franchise owners, we want people to know we are a customer service based company that just happens to do moves. We are going to try and put the customer first in all aspects of the experience.”

Currently operating in 44 states, with 375 locations and almost 3,000 trucks on the roads, Two Men and a Truck has carried out more than 7 million moves and is looking to continue growing that number in Wisconsin this year.

Right at Home

Finding quality care, and quality care providers, has proven to be an ongoing issue in the state of Wisconsin and the Chippewa Valley specifically. Wages are hard to keep competitive, the number of workers willing to do the hard work dwindle and locations continue to shut down.

However, one of the largest franchise care providers in the United States is looking to call the Chippewa Valley home this year.

Right at Home is a Nebraska-based in-home care franchise company looking to find a franchise owner in the Chippewa Falls area. With more than 500 locations worldwide Right at Home Franchise Development Director Diane Huffer said the goal of finding a new franchise owner in the Chippewa Valley will ensure many more citizens will be able to stay in their homes.

“Our job is to find franchise owners who will provide care and assistance anywhere that an individual 18-years-and-older might need it,” Huffer said. “We can provide assistance in the home, in an assisted living center, independent living apartments, relative’s homes or wherever they need assistance. We help wherever we can so anyone can continue to live where they currently do.”

With many medical advancements and treatment options increasing individuals’ life expectancy, Huffer said Chippewa Falls is an ideal place to start a new Right at Home franchise due to the large population of people of retirement age.

“We’ve targeted a few areas in which we’d like to have a franchise owner in Wisconsin within the next year,” Huffer said. “We like the Chippewa Valley and the Chippewa Falls area, so we’d really like to get there. The Chippewa Valley is interesting because you have a high percentage of folks over the age of 65, over 18 percent of your population is over the age of 65 in fact. The average in the U.S. today is 15 percent. You’re higher than average so we feel there is a real need there.”

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