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It was a good night for the GOP in Chippewa County.

Republicans won two Assembly seats and a state Senate race in districts included in the county.

Kathy Bernier will replace Terry Moulton in the 23rd Senate district after beating Democrat Chris Kapsner. Bernier had 42,968 votes (59.2 percent) to Kapsner's 29,631 (40.8 percent).

Moulton did not seek re-election.

Bernier ran on a traditional Republican platform, starting with her stance on the economy and jobs. Bernier's main stance on the economy is she is hoping to expand broadband access in rurual areas, grow the economy so young graduates can stay in Wisconsin and wants to expand the number of jobs available in Wisconsin.

She previously served as the 68th Assembly District representative and said she hopes to invest heavily in K-12 education (especially in rural areas), continue to help the job market and keep the unemployment rate at a record high rate and keep Wisconsin in a good fiscal state.

The two Assembly seats went to Rob Summerfield (67th) and Jesse James (68th).

Summerfield beat Democratic challenger Wren Keturi by a wide margin, earning nearly 62 percent of the vote.

Summerfield's campaign focused on a few key issues, the first of which was encouraging affordable health care.

His campaign was based on his wanting to protect those with pre-existing conditions  and allowing people access to affordable healthcare. In addition to healthcare, another important issue highlighted in Summerfield's campaign is education.

Another important issue to the Summerfield campaign is the economy. Summerfield authored a bill to protect music festivals in the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire areas including Rock Fest, Eaux Claires and Country Fest. In addition to supporting wanting to continue efforts to lower the unemployment rate, Summerfield has also been a regular supporter of the controversial Foxconn deal.

James will replace Bernier as the 68th Assembly representative over Democratic challenger Wendy Sue Johnson. James won with nearly 58 percent of the vote.

James ran on a platform of school safety and school choice.

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Chippewa Herald reporter

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