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Nathan Hoff

School: Chippewa Falls Senior High School

Parents: Brad Hoff and Karen Hoff

Educator: Becca Bestul

Nathan’s comments about Bestul: I selected Mrs. Bestul because not only has she been one of the most understanding and kind teachers I have ever had, but she has always pushed me to do my best. I really appreciate her teaching style that includes both lecture-based lessons as well as inquiry based teaching.

Bestul’s comments about Nathan: An extremely intelligent young man, Nathan is driven by a passion for helping others, which has led him to a future in nursing. He is patient and polite, skilled at connecting content across subjects, and constantly asking questions that broaden his, as well as my own understanding of classroom topics. Nathan has been such a pleasure to teach.

Future plans: Next year, Nathan will be attending Bethel University in St. Paul to pursue a degree in nursing. Nathan’s goal is to work in emergency nursing and eventually to become a flight nurse.

Katrina Hunt

School: Chippewa Falls Senior High School

Parents: Rick Hunt and Heather Hunt

Educator: Ron Buckles

Katrina’s comments about Buckles: Mr. Buckles is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He is always willing to help others. He sees the potential in his students, challenges them to do extraordinary things, and has taught me the importance of living in the moment. It has been an honor to know Mr. Buckles.

Buckles’ comments about Katrina: Katrina is a student that quietly, humbly and masterfully goes about learning anything to its highest level. Do not be deceived ever, as she misses nothing and implements everything. Her attitude is always “glass half-full” and “please tell me how I can improve.” Katrina has poise well beyond her age and is a truly genuine person. Her selfless character has, on numerous occasions, sought to help other students in need. Rest assured, Katrina will go on to change lives for the better, through her workplace, her family and her community. She will be sorely missed in the music world at Chi Hi.

Future plans: Katrina will continue her education at UW-Madison and major in neurobiology. Following the completion of her bachelor’s degree, she will join the Peace Corps. Then, she plans to continue on to medical school.

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Graduating seniors at the top 5 percent of their classes from Chippewa Falls Senior High School and McDonell Central Catholic High School were recognized at the Chippewa Area Chamber of Commerce’s Excellence in Education banquet this May. The students also chose their most influential teachers to join them on their night.


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Honoring both the student and the educator that influenced them will make a great culture at the school. This will improve the student-teacher relationship in the future and give the future batches a positive vibe about their educators.
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