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Olson's Ice Cream

Olson's Ice Cream co-owner/manager Jeremy Hunt serves a loyal customer in the Chippewa Falls shop. The longtime Chippewa Falls business is adding a second location in Eau Claire.

A tasty Chippewa Falls staple is making its way to Eau Claire.

Olson’s Ice Cream, an ice cream parlor/restaurant on North Bridge Street in Chippewa Falls, announced Monday that it is planning to open a second location in Eau Claire in May.

Jeremy Hunt, co-owner/manager of Olson’s Ice Cream, said the plans to open another Olson’s location have been in the works since the 1980s, and it feels like the right time to pursue an expansion.

“I think it’s always been in the plans, but we’ve never executed it,” Hunt said. “We have enough energy and enough manpower here to be able to take on another location. It just seems like the right time with the 75th anniversary of Olson’s this year, so it worked out perfectly.”

The exact location in Eau Claire is being held under wraps at the moment, using the mystery to set the stage for a unique contest. Members of the community are invited to comment on the Olson’s Facebook announcement post with their guesses of where the new location will be.

On Friday, Feb. 1, Olson’s will take all of the correct guesses and randomly select three individuals who will all win a half-gallon of ice cream every month for a year. Some of the popular guesses so far are the old Smiling Moose location, a few of the UW-Eau Claire dorms/apartments such as Haymarket Landing and various locations on Water Street.

With ice cream locations like Ramone’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor and Cold Stone Creamery popping up around the Chippewa Valley, Hunt said there is a key to Olson’s success.

“We differentiate ourselves from other ice cream parlors through our long history as well as making our own ice cream,” Hunt said. “It’s artisan crafted in small batches in the back of the shop, it’s all made in Chippewa Falls, and the mix is the same in balance as it was in the beginning.”

Hunt said the fact that a local ice cream shop has the opportunity to expand just shows how special Chippewa Falls and the Chippewa Valley really is.

“We would not be able to do this without our fantastic fans and customer base,” Hunt said. “We are truly humbled by the outcome so far on Facebook and all of the comments by everyone. They’re so kind and they continue to tell us how much they love our ice cream. We’d just like to thank them for all of their support and we hope to see them in Chippewa and the new Eau Claire location.”

While Olson’s has been serving up delicious desserts for the past three quarters of a century, the business is excited to start a new chapter in a growing community.

For updates on the new location, you can visit the Olson’s Ice Cream website.

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