Gambrinus Day

Patrons flock to the Chippewa River Distillery Saturday to celebrate Gambrinus Day, the birthday of beer.

One of the Chippewa Valley’s most prominent alcoholic beverage destinations celebrated the release of their seasonal beer with an event that would’ve made the patron saint of beer proud.

The Chippewa River Distillery & Brewster Bros. Brewing Co. celebrated Saint Gambrinus Day Saturday at its Chippewa Falls location with a jam-packed event. From 3 to 10 p.m., attendees were treated to alcoholic beverages, music from Bardbaggedon and southern BBQ from Smokin’ Joe’s Food Truck.

St. Gambrinus Day is a celebration of all things beer. Gambrinus is considered to be the patron saint of beer and brewing in addition to widely considered the first person to put hops in beer.

The actual Gambrinus day is April 11 annually, but the patrons of the Chippewa River Distillery decided to celebrate it the same day as the release of their seasonal beer, said Joe Lynch, general manager of the brewery.

“It’s really the birthday of beer,” Lynch said. “It’s recognized as a celebration of beer and so we decided to make a day of it. We’ve been settling on a release date for the Hefeweizen and the date we were thinking of just so happened to be within a few days of St. Gambrinus Day, so we figured why not just celebrate both at the same time.”

The main attraction of the event Saturday was to celebrate the release of Brewster Bros. award winning seasonal beer, Tilden Weizen Hefeweizen. The traditionally brewed German alcoholic delicacy is now available at its Chippewa Falls location, and owner Kurt Schneider said the beer is as authentic to the roots of beer as you’ll find on the market.

“It’s a very traditionally brewed and tasting beer,” Schneider said. “Our brew master is born, raised and trained in Germany and all of the ingredients come from Germany as well. Overall, it is just very traditional and always popular every year.”

Lined up and dawn the wooden bar at the Chippewa River Distillery were glasses filled with the newly returned Tilden Weizen Hefeweizen and music and the aroma of barbecue filled the dimly lit Chippewa hot spot. One of the patrons at the event Emily Harris, a regular customer, said the event was just one of the great nights the location has shown her and her friends recently.

“We jump at the chance to come here and have a few drinks,” Harris said. “It’s cool to see a bunch of people getting into the spirit of the day and just having a good time.”

Beer was flowing, music was blasting and smiles could be seen from wall-to-wall. All in all, it was an evening St. Gambrinus would’ve been proud to be a part of.

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