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Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of the Middleton-based PDQ, which includes 34 company-operated convenience stores in southeastern Wisconsin.

Kwik Trip has announced plans to hire affected workers when it takes over PDQ Food Stores in October.

In a filing Monday morning with the state Department of Workforce Development, PDQ officials announced the company will lay off the majority of its 313 employees the week of Oct. 9. Kwik Trip released a statement later that afternoon saying this announcement does not impact the possibility of PDQ coworkers joining the Kwik Trip team.

Kwik Trip announced July 19 that it was buying all 34 of Middleton-based PDQ’s Wisconsin stores, the vast majority of which are in Dane County. Kwik Trip has also stated current PDQ coworkers will get credit for their length of service with the company to determine vacation benefits and Kwik Trip 401k plan eligibility, and traditional wait periods for benefit coverage will be waived for those coworkers.

Beginning the week of Oct. 9, the PDQ stores will be closed for 24 hours after the transaction, the Kwik Trip announcement stated. Those 24 hours will be used to do an inventory count and move in the appropriate Kwik Trip equipment, supplies and merchandise. It is unknown how many PDQ employees will be offered jobs with Kwik Trip, but officials have stated a goal of increasing the number of employees at each location.

“It is Kwik Trip’s desire to hire any qualified PDQ coworker, both full-time and part-time,” Kwik Trip Director of Public Relations John McHugh said. “Because each store will require more coworkers than are currently employed, it will be necessary to hire new coworkers as well. So as to continue PDQ’s strong tradition of great customer service, we hope that many coworkers will choose to remain at their current location.”

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