Chippewa Falls Public Library birthday cake

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the current Chippewa Falls Public Library location a cake depicting some classic literary works was available to enjoy for whoever attended the library's open house event Thursday afternoon.

In the wake of the Sesquicentennial 150th anniversary of the city of Chippewa Falls, another city landmark is celebrating an anniversary.

The Chippewa Falls Public Library is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its current location. The library provides access to the internet, information, non-fiction/fiction books and a plethora of other resources to Chippewa Valley patrons.

Chippewa Falls Public Library Director Joe Niese, who has worked at the current library location for 11 years, said the library is thriving and constantly evolving to meet the needs of the people who walk through the building’s doors every day at the downtown location.

“We make it work with what we have here,” Niese said. “It is a really nice building. People still come in and give us compliments on it. And our services have changed so much over the years. We’re bursting at the seams collection-wise. And the scope of services libraries provide has changed, so we’re constantly updating our services that we provide to the public to try to remain as current as possible.”

The Chippewa Falls Public Library traditionally holds an anniversary celebration every 10 years in honor of its current location, but even before the erection of the current location the library has been providing services in Chippewa Falls since the 1890s.

And in the wake of the technological age and the increasing scarcity of locations like the Chippewa Falls Public Library, Niese said libraries are still essential as they cater to a demographic that still needs and frequently uses the resources it provides.

“I may be biased, but libraries are so important,” Niese said. “They provide access to information for people who might not have those services. It might be as simple as coming in to use the internet, to read some popular fiction or just providing them with access to information. It’s crucial and the city is lucky to have this library.”

While Chippewa Falls is celebrating its 150 years of deep histories with concerts, parades and other festivities, Niese said the library and its staff will continue to work to provide the best resources it can in whatever way the public requires.

Niese said the future is exciting for the Chippewa Falls Public Library.

“I’m excited for what the future holds for the library,” Niese said. “The city is very supportive of us, which is great. It’s important to have that city backing and we are fortunate to have a supportive library board as well. There’s a lot of support all around for the library, so I’m excited to see what the next year brings, what the next decade brings and what the next 50 years bring for the library.”

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