State Sen. Terry Moulton’s campaign spokesman, Nick Lauren, had this reaction to Kristen Dexter’s challenge:

“The special interests that are financing and directing this recall election clearly want someone who will do their bidding as they attempt to return us to the failed status quo of skyrocketing budget deficits and massive tax hikes.

“During her tenure in the state Assembly, Kristen Dexter voted for more than $5 billion in tax increases on Wisconsin citizens. Dexter also presided over the loss of more than 120,000 Wisconsin jobs while in office, including 14 straight months of job losses following her election.” . . .

“We look forward to speaking with voters about Dexter’s dismal record on jobs and the economy, her ties to big-spending special interests, and their plan to spend more money on state government while taxpayers foot the bill with even more massive tax increases.”

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Never looking at his feet Terry keeps dancing to the Koch Brother's tune.


I don't believe Senator Moulton or his staff understand the seriousness of this situation. The senator's constituents are questioning his ability to represent them. Bashing an opponent is a poor strategy. If I'm an employee and someone files a complaint against me that results in a performance review, I had better come up with valid reasons to prove I am still an asset to the company. Simply whining about my replacement's history will guarantee me a spot right on the unemployment line.


ha ha .

Moulton dares to talk of past job loses! Well, Terry, You and Walker have presided over 6 straight months of jobs losses while the US moves forward!

And YOU decreased the Homestead credit act for the working poor and seniors. Shame on YOU Moulton!



Tue Jan 31, 2012 at 07:04
Postcards, I get Postcards+*

by easterbunny53717Follow

Today I received a helpful little postcard from my State Senator. It's sooooo nice that he's thinking of his constituents. Super!

This is my first diary, but again, the rethugs in WI have raised my hackles.

Dear 23rd Senate District Resident,

We are sending this postcard to inform you that your name is shown up on a recall petition against State Senator Terry Moulton. We have discovere


I'm anxiously waiting for the recall campaigning to start. What the heck are Democrats going to say, "Would you rather have your property taxes frozen or give back bargaining rights to state workers?" In Superior we have a 10 seat board with a 9 to 1 ratio of hardcore liberals to conservatives and thanks to Walker's state mandate on property taxes there was nothing they could do but sit on their hands and stop spending, they did do some bonding which was BS but for the most part they stopped.

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