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Wisconsin’s economy is getting stronger, says state Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls).

“We have turned the state around financially. We are in the best financial shape that we’ve been in over a decade. I just want to continue going in that direction,” said Moulton, who is seeking his second term in the 23rd State Senate District. He faces Democrat Phil Swanhorst in the Nov. 4 election.

In 2013, Moulton said that Wisconsin ranked No. 1 in the Midwest in personal income growth.

He said growth in wages of state residents should be left to the free market. The way to raise wages is not by the government mandating it, but by creating an economy that rewards people for their work.

He cited Wisconsin businesses creating 124,000 new jobs as proof that things are on the upswing. “I think we’re moving in a positive (direction),” he said.

The state Legislative Fiscal Bureau in September said Wisconsin is looking at a projected shortfall approaching $1.8 billion for the next biennial budget cycle. However, Moulton said if the state sees a growth rate similar to what it has experienced during the last five years, at the end of the biennium the state will have a $500 million surplus.

Moulton supports a referendum on the Nov. 4 ballot that would stop the Legislature from taking money from the transportation fund and using it for other budget items.

"I voted for it. I think it's long overdue to stop the raids that have been going on," he said.

Moulton plans to work with Democrats to stabilize transportation funding, which is projected to have a $680 million shortfall during the next biennium.

"It's going to take a bipartisan effort to address that issue," he said, explaining that a solution would require a mix of items and the problem with transportation funding will not be solved in one biennium.

Moulton supports school choice and vouchers, but doesn't know if he would support to expand the voucher program beyond what it is now. "A statewide expansion is not one of my priorities in this session," he said, adding that there should be accountability in the voucher system.

He has strong concern over legalizing marijuana, as the states of Washington and Colorado have done. As for allowing medical marijuana in Wisconsin, Moulton is opposed to it and prefers other alternatives.

If re-elected, Moulton wants to continue working to streamline government. He said changing the makeup of the Small Business Regulatory Review Board to include more business operators has worked well.

He said one of the big things the last Legislature did to help local communities was passing Act 10, the law that greatly restricts public sector unions from collective bargaining.

"We gave them some tools to manage much better than they had before," Moulton said. He said some school districts were unhappy with the changes, but some of those didn't take advantage of what the law provided them.

In the 23rd Senate District,  Moulton pointed out that 13 school districts got more state money and 13 schools got less money.


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Why do more students than ever qualify for free and reduced meals in this state and area?-- hardly a sign of improved economic strength.

M Schmidt

Food stamp usage has QUADRUPLED since walker took over..........FACT !


In fact, since President Obama took office, federal welfare spending has increased by 41 percent, more than $193 billion per year.”

Prove this "fact" of yours m schmidt.

M Schmidt

FY 2012 Average Monthly Enrollment: 835,312
2012 Percent: 14.6
2011 Percent: 14.0
2010 Percent: 12.6
2009 Percent: 9.7
2008 Percent: 7.5
Percentages represent the share of a state's total population using average monthly individual SNAP participation.



Oh what a wonderful set of statistics. Please explain to us how these statistics support your claim that food stamps have "quadrupled." I really want to see how you make that work to support your argument.
I'll wait patiently for you to "hand it to me."


Thundercloud- This is an easy one! Why do more students than ever qualify for free and reduced meals in this state and area The children's parents voted for Bernier, Moulton, Larson and Walker! If Walker's Wisconsin had kept up with Obama's national average for job growth Wisconsin's workers would have 190,000 new jobs now, instead of a few over 100,000! Who besides the 1% votes for a college dropout, a high school dropout?


Let's see, the national unemployment rate is 5.9% and Chippewa county is 5.2%, jeez, let's keep up with the national rate!


I wonder if the part time Mouldy's employees (and possibly even full time employees) are being encouraged to get better educated In order to better their standards of living and seek one of those jobs the right claim are available and unfilled.

On second thought, I'm sure they're already being paid more than minimum anyway as Moulton must be proud to proclaim he's one of those jobs creators.

M Schmidt

Terry. Why has Minnesota passed us up in Jobs Wages Taxes and just about everything else ? Terry. You are a failure ! Not only too the folks who voted for you, but to yourself. The only crooks that are more crooked and Koch owned are our useless governor, and Ron Johnson.
Why is our governor rated the most dishonest in the whole country ? And you right along with him Terry !


Minnesota had the luxury of solid policies put in place by Gov. Pawlenty. Dayton is even reversing his own policies knowing that it's having a negative impact on Minnesota's economy.


So Terry Moulton ,I did no know you are smarter then Doctors, What are the better alternatives to medical marijuana? I have sat in a Wheelchair since 1981, I wanted to be like adults and drank beer when I was 17 and crashed a motorcycle. I have never met a doctor in 33 yrs that did not support MMJ, It works wonders,, but I guess you know more?? Please TELL ME!!!!! BOY!!!!,, Your a pile of dung, if one of your family got cancer you would change your tune in a second,, You just follow your leader $$$$$$ the devil.


Wow, food stamp, disability benefits everything way up since Terry got in, Terry must be responsible not our Fed. government giving more and more thanks to Obama. Jobs- cheese and rice,-we can't afford to produce more jobs in WI or we'll have to import Mexicans, Foreigners etc- people that actually want to go to work. CV unemployment rate is 0%!!


Terry, Please take a moment to tell all of us unenlightened people how the state can have a billion dollar structural deficit and you still claim that we have a balanced budget?


clover did you ask this question when the Doyle-Burke administration ran up a 1.8 billion dollar structural deficit and 3.2 billion in base budget shortage? What about Obama the failed president campaigning for Mary adding another 7 trillion in national debt? Do any of those numbers bother you? Yes the Doyle-Burke administration did terrible damage to our state. Thank goodness we have professional people like Terry Moulton to represent us now and into the future.

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