November Grace

November Grace is a new downtown Chippewa Falls shopping destination offering new and vintage items such as jewelry, clothing and home furnishings.

A stylish new place just opened its doors in downtown Chippewa Falls, offering unique items to the Chippewa Valley.

November Grace is a new store on East Elm Street offering a unique assortment of new and vintage items. The store will be open every second week of the month from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. Among the vast array of goods available at the intimate store are home furnishings, clothing, jewelry, local handmade items and items sourced from various areas across the country.

The store’s soft opening was held Thursday, May 9, through Saturday, May 11, and business has been encouraging, owner Jill Widiker said.

“We had a really busy first day,” Widiker said. “We’re just hoping that through word of mouth people learn that we’re here and our doors are open. We hope they mark it on their calendar and pay us a visit.”

November Grace is housed in a building erected in the 1920s, and the vibe of the building matches the feel of many of the items in the store. A significant portion of the items are picked and brought in by various pickers the shop utilizes, meaning the contents of the store are forever changing.

Widiker said the inspiration for opening up the shop was wanting to work in her hometown of Chippewa Falls after owning and operating the French Farm House in Rice Lake for the past three years. She said that business is still in existence, but the opportunity to reshape and have new items in the store every month is a unique opportunity for a business owner.

“We’ll have a similar aesthetic, but with more inventory added,” Widiker said. “All of our vintage pickers will go out on the hunt again and gather new goods. We’ll also source new items to keep things fresh as much as possible.”

Beyond selling new and vintage items and establishing a presence in Chippewa Falls, Widiker said the hope for November Grace is to make it a place the community can call home.

“I would love to someday host and use this space in a way that serves this community,” Widiker said. “I want to open this space up as to where people can use it for meetings, to hold educational forums or have private events where people just need to gather and have a fun place to do it. We would love to offer that to the community down the line.”

For more information on November Grace including their hours of operation and examples of products they sell you can visit their Facebook page.

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