Try 3 months for $3
Jarad S. Carr

Jarad S. Carr

A single sheet of two photocopied $100 bills was in a printer Jarad S. Carr unsuccessfully tried to return to Walmart in Lake Hallie on Thursday, village police said.

After Carr physically resisted being arrested, police say they found three more counterfeit $100 bills on the man, who was also wanted on burglary and armed robbery warrants from St. Croix County.

According to Lake Hallie Police Chief Cal Smokowicz:

Police were called to Walmart at 3:05 p.m. Thursday because Carr, 37, of West Bend was trying to return a printer without receipts or proof he bought it from the Lake Hallie Walmart.

While inspecting the printer, a single sheet with two counterfeit $100 bills printed on it was found.

Carr insisted on returning the printer even after Walmart staffers refused to take it.

Officer Sam Eaton and Smokowicz talked to Carr, who said he didn’t want to speak to officers. After being told he was under arrest, Carr physically resisted at the store’s service counter.

Carr made repeated verbal threats to harm the officers. He was taken into custody without anyone being injured.

Police then found three additional counterfeit $100 bills on Carr, who was arrested for attempted theft by fraud, forgery and resisting arrest.

Editor's note: an earlier version of this story said police were looking for a second man with Carr. That man was questioned, and he was determined not to be involved in the case.

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He must be on one of those "People of Walmart" emails. I heard he was a former rocket scientist.


Seriously, who counterfeits $100 bills? 20s would seem more likely to fall under the radar of inspection. Just saying, that's all.


It is NOT illegal to possess counterfeit money--only to attempt to pass it as real. (That said, if a Treasury agent wants to take them, it's advisable to hand them over.

If not for the bills, Wal-Mart would have taken the machine back--they routinely accept returns of items that they have never sold in any of their stores....

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