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"We need people who are responsive to the people who elected them," Dexter said.

So will she be responsive to the 21,000 people who signed Moulton's recall or the 32,500 or so people who voted for him? I'll be interested in hearing her plan, since I haven't heard any solid solutions from those favoring a recall of either Moulton or Walker.

Keepin it Real

Guess I'll be voting for Moulton wasn't going to but he's a much better representative in my opinion.....


Is the democrat party just going to come up with candidates that have already been defeated in the 2010 general elections? Good luck with that strategy.


If a chimp ran for the Democrats. They would endorse him

Jamie Friederich

I am tired of career politicians from both sides. It is time for term limits on all political appointees at the state and federal level.


I am pretty sure she won't be as responsive in the minds of the much lower than 32,500 people who vote for Moulton a second time.


Can there possibly be anyone that is suprised by this? Reading through the Chippewa Valley Public Workers facebook page over the past year has shown her, Jeff Smith and Pat Kreitlow gearing up for any runs they can make at elected offices by helping to keep the masses incited.

By the way the_om_ad, to pull a Rainmaker - who is "your" governor? Collectively as a state, ours is Mr. Walker. Just like our president is Mr. Obama.


The_om_ad - actually I was more poking fun at Rainmaker who likes to ask that question when someone says "your president". There was no complaint on my part. And yes, he certainly is "my" governor. I can claim that as 1)I live in WI & 2)I had a hand in electing him in 2010 and will gladly do so again assuming the recall election occurs.


Really, the Democratic party must be hurting. Just what is her claim to fame and what will she do for us.
Those we have are doing what they said they would and are making changes.

[quote]Rainmaker said: "Just give Kristen Dexter a call and ask her your questions. At least you will be able to get through to her. You should look at both candidates before you decide. It is the responsible citizen thing to do. "[/quote]

Did you have the courage to use your own name?

How much $ have you donated to her campaign and/or the Democratic party? If it's more than $0, that would mean you get you are Rainy Dexter?

[quote]Rainmaker said: "The Democratic party is not hurting. Enough signatures have been gathered to force a recall. "[/quote]

Too bad they couldn't find a viable canidate.

What does she have for a solution? All I have heard from her so far is hate.

Keepin it Real

Fact during the Doyle, Kreitlow, Smith & Dexter's terms in office we managed to put our State into a $3.6 Billion Dollar deficit. Which made a lot of what's been going on happen... Give me a break I think folks are smarter than to go back to this. Most of these folks are running for their old seats because they can't find other jobs either. Also because they are arrogant. You didn't see Kreibich and Zien try and run after they lost they went out and became productive in the Private Sector.


As long as Mr. Moulton belongs to a church that preaches Catholocism as a cult... Moulton will not win.

[quote]Dogood said: "As long as Mr. Moulton belongs to a church that preaches Catholocism as a cult... Moulton will not win. "[/quote]

What church is that & what is taught? I really do want to know.


[quote]Rainmaker said: "Figures show that debt rose the most - by $1.8 billion- under Thompson between 1996 and 2001. "[/quote]

I'd be interested in seeing what figures you looked at. I found the below website which shows the debt by year since 1990. in '90, it was 743 mil. In '00 it was 830 mil. In '02 after McCallum it was 1.4 bil. When Doyle took over in '03 it dropped to 2.2 bil. I think that speaks for itself.



Groundhog day is approaching. Can't wait to finally see Terry "No Show" Moulton. I hope he doesn't see his shadow, and then disappear back into his bait shop. Meanwhile, Tom Larson and Kathy Berniers are ALWAYS out talking with and meeting with voters. I always heard that Terry only ran so he could get two more years in, and then he would qualify for lifetime health benefits through the state. I guess the whispers are true.


So Terry Moulton beats the pants off of Senate majority leader Pat Kreitlow in 2010 and I guess that qualified and inspired him to run for Congress against Sean Duffy. What does Kristen Dexter do for an encore when she loses? Is it too late for her to run for Herb Kohls Senate seat this fall?

[quote]Dogood said: ".. I always heard that Terry only ran so he could get two more years in, and then he would qualify for lifetime health benefits through the state. I guess the whispers are true. "[/quote]

Do you have anything to back this statement up other than you heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend?????

Or are we just seeing MORE false statements? If so, I urge you to read RULE #3.

Jamie Friederich

rainmaker, did you also read in the article you posted. It took six years for Thompson to add 1.8 billion or $300 million a year. Doyle added $1.3 billion in three years or 4.33 million a year. Who was adding more debt? It is easy to say someone spent more money during a longer period of time.

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