Ruff Life Pet Hotel

The newly opened Ruff Life Pet Hotel offers a wide variety of care and grooming options to fit the need of every dog.

When Chippewa Valley pet owners need their pets looked after for a few days, the experience doesn’t need to be a rough one.

Ruff Life Pet Hotel is a new pet-care facility in Chippewa Falls. The new location offers a wide variety of services to local pet owners including daycare services, overnight stays (including weekends), pet photography —both professional and candid shots so you know your pet is safe and happy — and more services coming soon.

Stavroula McCormick, owner of Ruff Life Pet Hotel, said the inspiration for her and her husband to open the pet hotel came from their own experience as longtime pet owners.

“This all started because we had two dogs, who both have passed, and the places and options we had within the radius of where we live in Chippewa Falls just wasn’t that great,” McCormick said. “And when we did find places, a lot of the time they’re full or they’re in smaller containers because they’re smaller facilities. So, we decided to give dogs and cats the option to have a bigger space and be their home away from home. We don’t want them to think they’re being caged.”

The Ruff Life Pet Hotel opened Nov. 1, offering a wide array of services and care options to meet the needs of the majority of pet owners. The facility features 31 kennels, four of which are 6-by-8 and can host multiple dogs. At max, the facility can host anywhere from 31-62 dogs and three cats, depending on if the animals come from the same family. Unlike most pet hotels, the facility does not mix dogs from different homes as it could pose a risk to the safety of the animals as well as the staff at the hotel.

McCormick said the facility takes extra precautions to make sure the pets are safe while in their care, and hopes the Ruff Life Pet Hotel can be a beacon of pet safety in the Chippewa Valley.

“I hope this becomes a place people can bring their pets and feel they’re safe,” McCormick said. “We want them to feel loved and when they come back they’ll be happy to see them, but they’ll know that they had a good time while they were away. Just like their owners were on vacation, the dogs get to be on vacation, too.”

Additional services the Ruff Life Pet Hotel is set to offer is pet grooming starting on Monday, Dec. 9. McCormick said this additional offering is due to a lack of quality groomers in the Chippewa Valley.

Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Ben Lane said he is excited to take advantage of the new pet hotel, as quality and affordable pet care in the Chippewa Valley can sometimes be a difficult thing to find.

“As a dog owner, I’m excited that we have an option here for boarding, not just daily boarding but weekend options, too,” Lane said. “For those whose parents aren’t here anymore, like mine, when we fly south and are gone for the weekend, we need someone to watch our dogs for us, so this looks like a great option.”

For more information on the Ruff Life Pet Hotel and the services it provides, you can visit their website www.rufflifepethotel.com.

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Had to smile at the person, who said.....no options when your parents are not there. But I did visit a facility in Illinois and I am impressed with thus option for care. I was surprised how many left their dogs daily while at work....just like any parent leaving their child at day care.,

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