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I love the idea of a year round schedule.
We have all this capital invested in buses, buildings and technology just sitting idle all summer.
Wouldn't it be better to invest in more teachers rather than spending more money ($10's of millions more) building schools which will only be used 3/4 of the year?


SRL...it is an intriguing idea that parents seem (at least on the surface) to like. I wanted to attend the conversation but was out of town on business. The only concern i would have is "open enrollment". If its a popular idea then our district gets flooded with kids we can't take. If it becomes unpopular then our district loses major funding because of a significantly lower head count. In summary, it would have to be thoroughly researched. Only 150 people attended the original CC, and only 50 attended the anniversary. That hardly constitutes a majority. With that said, I am confident in Dr. Saron's leadership.


Yes I could support this idea. It is a waste of money leaving these buildings empty and at the same time paying full time wages to teachers who work part time. Thankfully we have Wis Act 10 which already gives our school boards the tools and means to really do something to improve public education.


I think our teachers work hard and are fairly compensated, adding new unpaid days to the school year isn't what I am getting at.
I wonder if we could shift one or two school weeks out of the depths of Winter by extending the Christmas break and add those weeks back in during June?
I think we could cut our heating costs, build fewer snow days into the schedule and reduce the amount of class time dedicated to "review" each Fall.
it seems to me that child care issues would net out the same.
I don't mean to suggest that such a change would be simple, there are many stake holders who would be impacted, I am just wondering if it is possible to overcome the inertia of tradition and seriously consider reinventing the "school year"?
If we trade the coldest weeks of the year for the first few weeks of Summer, how much would we save on utility bills?, Could we cut a snow day out of the schedule?
Would the students benefit academically?


In winter the school buses buy "winter mix" diesel, which is significantly more expensive and Diesel engines have better fuel economy when the ambient temperatures are higher, not to mention the fact that the bus company doesn't have to start all the buses and let them warm up on a June day (as I am sure they did this morning when it was eight below outside.)
If we avoided a few weeks of winter busing by moving a few weeks of January school to June we might save transportation money.


----reducing mental health stigma

Were any school to try to teach my children a stigma you can bet I would be at their door immediately.

Harold A. Maio, retired mental health editor

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