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STARK — Sheriff’s deputies investigated a possible Sasquatch sighting last week near a campsite at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.

The Vernon County Sheriff’s Department received the report from just one person, who was driving near South Jug Creek Road in the town of Stark.

“The person who called it in was driving down the road, and they saw what they described as a dark-haired… Sasquatch,” Sheriff John Spears said. “It looked like it was hiding in the ditch line. When they went by, it jumped.”

Spears sent a patrol car to the area, but the deputy turned up nothing.

While all calls are taken seriously, Spears said the the Sasquatch sighting has led to a few giggles around the department.

Reading from the report on the incident, Spears said, “All that they could tell us was it was a large figure that was dark in color, black-brown in color, with no clothes and it looked like it was just fur.”

The person calling in the report said, “There’s no way it could have been a wolf,” Spears said.

The department released details about the incident Tuesday among the 22 reports of suspicious activity it fielded last week. The alleged Bigfoot sighting occurred Thursday.

“That same day we had some peacock problems in the county, so it was one of those things where you never know what you’re going to get on any given day,” Spears said. “After I signed the press release, I figured I’d probably get a few phone calls.”

While the department was unable to confirm the sighting of Sasquatch, it did confirm the sighting of two peacocks in the town of Christiana.



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Great now we will have the idiots from animal planet stomping thru the Western Wisconsin woods "squatchin". Let the shrieks and the wood knocking,


Wow do your research idiot. These REAL. Creatures are not legend they are being seen world wide and studied by thousands in china Russia Austrlia North America and on n on. Once anyone with an open mjnd looks into tbe subject they will see there are thousands of sitings and structures and prints and in n on. They are everywhere. Its incredible tbe level of stupidity many exhibit esp city concrete slicksters. By the way i have seen one with my own f.... Eyes. Found and cast prints in remote areas like Wisc and have found unnatural made with hands that is structures everywhere including here in wisc. People they are in FACT real !!!


I saw three of them at the Mall.


Go in tbe woods idiot. I have friends w PHD's that could take u places and i promise if you dont at a minimal shard your pants and beg to leave the woods you will at least be a believer when you go back to the concrete of the city


Possibly a bear, they have been seen 'walking' a few feet 10 maybe 20?
Also, the possibility of Sasquatch/Big Foot/Yetti etc cannot be ruled out. Legends have been found true. IE, Giant Squid, Coelacanth.


Those legends that were found to be true were also discovered in the ocean, much of which has never been explored. This is Wisconsin where basically ever inch has been explored at one time or another. If there were a Sasquatch in the area some kind of proof would have been found long ago.

Jim Bob

It's pretty obvious the environmental disruption of the Sand Mines in WI have been displacing the Sasquatch population.Now they'll all be forced from their homes and away from their traditional way of life. They'll probably be homeless and sleeping in the Library and on the streets, and no doubt very willing to do jobs at far lower wages than existing employees. Quality of Service will no doubt go up, and they'll smell better too. With luck some of them will run for Council and County Board.

Not For Nothing

Jim Bob, that was perfect. LOL


Jim bob sure your an inbred. Jim bo tell your daddy grandpa your moms father your dad to take you to the woods. Look for unnatural trees and structures that momma nature didnt and couldbt make and u will realize hands made them n not human.

old timer

And, about a week or so ago, the Center for Disease Control sent out a zombie alert. No kidding!


Another clown. Do your homework moron. These creature hominid are in fact real do your homewrk n go in tbe woods.

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