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Scott Walker in Eau Claire

Scott Walker stops to pose for a photograph with an attendee of his campaign event Thursday afternoon in Eau Claire at Auto Value Eau Claire.

A large organization voiced their support for Governor Scott Walker Thursday.

Walker spoke at Auto Value Eau Claire to express his support for small business and received a small business group’s endorsement. At the event the National Federation of Independent Business announced their endorsement of Walker in the November election.

Walker said to the crowd of roughly 100 people that small business is an important aspect of his administration and will continue to be if he is elected.

“I’ve tried to look out for small business in this state, because small businesses overwhelmingly create the vast majority of jobs and employ the vast majority of people in this state,” Walker said. “We like employers big and small alike and every single day we think about what we can do to help small businesses grow and prosper.”

Bill Smith, the Wisconsin State Director of the NFIB, said the organization decided collectively to endorse Walker due to his prior Assembly history and what he has done for small business through eight years of being in office.

“From the moment he was sworn in as governor of our state, he made small business a top priority of his administration,” Smith said. “As Governor, Scott Walker has consistently provided effective leadership for the agenda of small business. He has not only demonstrated that he is a small business leader and a small business Governor, but he is a true champion for our state’s small business community.”

Following Smith’s announcement of endorsement for Walker, Walker continued his speech by hitting a few key areas his campaign has focused on over the past few weeks including health care, his opponent Tony Evers and the state’s finances.

Walker said the state before his election was facing an economic crisis, but his administration has led Wisconsin down a much better financial path.

“Eight years ago the unemployment rate was 9.3 percent,” Walker said. “In Jim Doyle’s last term we lost more than 133,000 jobs in our state. And for those who hadn’t lost their job, they took a pay cut just to keep their job. And probably the most concerning thing to me as a parent eight years ago was that I was seeing far too many of our graduates leave the state to pursue their careers somewhere else. Well, the good thing is eight years later things have completely turned around. In Wisconsin right now more people are employed than ever before in the history of our state.”

The final aspect of Walker’s speech included an open letter he recently sent to Evers regarding claims of plagiarism in Evers’ past.

“Multiple previous official education budget requests Evers made included language copied from someone else’s work (including Wikipedia and an intern with an organization in Washington, D.C.) without referencing the source of the work,” according to the letter.

In the letter, Walker asks Evers to justify the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s plagiarizing but frowning on students plagiarizing.

Walker said this development should make voters reconsider the foundation of Evers stance on education.

“It is the height of hypocrisy for his defense to be that I introduced a budget like the one he asked for when he asked for it,” Walker said. “And at the same time his campaign and his allies are running attack ads against me and my view on education. He said it is a ‘pro kid budget,’ complemented us on being in favor of what he wanted in terms of education and strengthening education in this state and now from the other side of his mouth is attacking us on education. You can’t have it both ways.”

The midterm election is set for Tuesday, Nov. 6.

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