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Lake Hallie sign

A sign in Lake Hallie's Municipal Building is shown in this May 2016 file photo.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Chippewa County circuit court, Walmart has sued the Village of Lake Hallie over alleged “excessive real estate taxes” for the year of 2017.

Walmart’s store in Lake Hallie is at 2786 Commercial Boulevard.

According to the complaint, the Village Assessor’s office set the value of the property in 2017 at just over $14 million. Walmart claims the property is actually worth roughly $9 million.

Walmart is asking for a refund of the excess property taxes, plus interest and the cost of its legal fees.

“The 2017 assessment of the (Walmart) Property was excessive. As a result, the tax imposed on the Property for 2017 was excessive,” the complaint read.

In its complaint, the retail giant also claimed Lake Hallie’s assessment of the property was not equal to the village’s assessments of other properties in the area.

The store was built in 2004. The village of Lake Hallie assessed the value of the land itself at almost $3 million, while the buildings and “improvements” bear the brunt of the price tag at $11 million, according to 2017 village property records.

2017 property records for other Lake Hallie restaurant or retail locations show that the village assessed Culver’s (2753 Commercial Blvd.) at $1,200,000, Aldi (3064 Commercial Blvd.) at $1,650,000, and McDonald’s (2971 Commercial Blvd.) at $1,089,000, approximately.

Walmart’s Lake Hallie building is 205,650 square feet; Culver’s is 4,827; Aldi is 18,453; and McDonald’s is 5,854.

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(2) comments


Walmart has been suing all the smaller towns across the nation because they think they can bully them into paying less property taxes and they've been successful in some places.

Why should the Village of Lake Hallie bow down to Walmart's demands? They are paying less in property taxes than any of the other businesses per square foot/assessment value to start with!

If Walmart wins this, you can be assured that everyone else's property taxes and other business's property taxes will take a HUGE hike in order to balance the budget.

Walmart winning this is a no win situation for the rest of the area. They'll go after Eau Claire and Rice Lake too. Not good for the economy.


If WM wants their store taxed as a 'vacant box'......
Maintain public services as a "Vacant Box"....
Plowing snow on the adjacent streets? ... Low Priority!
Low Priority.
2 (simultaneous) Police calls about a shoplifter... one at the "Vacant Box" ... the other at a local saloon?
The vacant box is lower priority.

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