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A waste transfer company that withdrew its most recent request to build a new facility in Lake Hallie is back — this time, with a plan that they hope will appeal to the community more.

The Lake Hallie Plan Commission did not come to an agreement Monday to approve or deny a request for a conditional use permit from Eau Claire-based ProVyro Waste Transfer. The proposal entails an approximately 8,400-square-foot transfer facility at the intersection of 120th Street and 40th Avenue.

After almost ten appearances from community members and two failed motions — one to approve the permit, one to deny it — the commission voted unanimously to defer the decision to the Village Board. The board will take up the matter at 7 p.m. on Feb. 19 at the former village hall, 13033 30th Avenue.

The board will consider several community concerns with the proposal, including the lack of wide turn lanes and a possible weight limit on the roads near the proposed facility.

In addition to the waste transfer facility, an 8,200-square-foot combined maintenance shop and office would also be built on a ten-acre portion of the 24 1/2-acre parcel, according to ProVyro’s proposal.

The proposal describes the facility as a place where waste and recycling are compacted before being reloaded into larger vehicles and transported to a “final disposal location.”

The facility would be open 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, with potential “occasional use on Sunday during day hours if operations require.” Trucks would access the facility using 120th Street, the proposal said.

The new proposed site is already zoned for industrial use.

ProVyro co-owner Andrew Holland argued Monday that the newly proposed location — which is not in a predominantly residential area — would be well-hidden from public view. The 30-foot grade of 120th Avenue would also help block odor, Holland said.

However, several community members have concerns.

Jennifer Coyne of Lake Hallie, who lives on 120th Street, said she worries about being sandwiched between a ProVyro facility and Waste Management’s facility at 11888 30th Avenue. “My fear is, we have a nice little gem of the neighborhood back there, big lots, lots of trees, people smile at each other from their cars and from the street. … I’d love to have you in Lake Hallie, I just don’t want you as a neighbor,” Coyne told Holland and co-owner Joe Craven.

Other community members urged the Plan Commission to consider the safety of 120th Avenue’s pedestrian and bicycle traffic in the summer, and a waste facility lowering property value for nearby homeowners.

Village Board president Wayne Walkoviak asked Holland and Craven why they were interested in building in Lake Hallie, a village that has a population of roughly 6,000 and one existing waste transfer facility: “Why Lake Hallie?”

The company is interested in serving their Lake Hallie customer base, Holland said: “From an operational position, it makes sense for us. … I think if you look at every proposal, you’re leaving yourself open to large corporations and not small, local companies.”

It’s the second time in five months ProVyro has approached the village with a building request. In October 2017, the Plan Commission ultimately rejected a proposal to rezone land on 130th Street, near the Highway 53 and Highway 29 interchange, to industrial, and grant ProVyro a conditional use permit. The company withdrew their request hours before a Village Board meeting the next week.

The company’s original proposition was met with similar concerns from the community.

The land ProVyro is currently requesting a conditional use permit for is owned by Rex Technology Park, LLC, according to the proposal.

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Chippewa Herald reporter

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I think it's great that these companies have the tenacity to review and revise their proposals so that they can go ahead with their expansion plans in the area! I'm sure that after looking over the revised details in the proposal that the waste storage and processing facility will be approved sooner or later!

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