Bridge Street Brew

Paul Krause standing in the front of Bridge Street Brew

After recently reaching its two-year anniversary, Bridge Street Brew in downtown Chippewa Falls is continuing to evolve and grow.

The coffee shop is a family business run by Paul Krause, his wife Donna, daughters Emily and Sarah and son Kyle.

Bridge Street Brew is located at 114 N. Bridge St. and is open until 4 p.m. every day, serving a mainly breakfast and lunch food menu that includes crepes, wraps, sandwiches and salads, as well as a variety of baked goods and drinks.

The Chippewa Herald sat down with Paul Krause to talk about the business and how the first years have been. The interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: When did you start this?

A: Two years ago, May 1 of two years ago, so it’s been two years and 10 days.

Q: So, business-wise, what would you say you are known for here?

A: Well, food wise, like breakfast I would say crepes. People really enjoy those. We have a decent bakery, and our drinks. Usually we always run a theme drink, it’s Game of Thrones right now. We’ve had The Office, Bob’s Burgers, we had ones where they tasted like all the different kind of pies. We’ve done a bunch of those. But we try to switch those out every six to eight weeks, and those are super popular.

Q: So is this your first café business that you’ve owned?

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A: Yes, on my own. I worked for KFC for 30 years. And then my oldest daughter worked at Starbucks for a couple years, and then my younger daughter ... she was working at coffee shop in Menomonie, Marian’s Legacy. But they both worked in coffee, and I knew the food part, so we just decided ... I always wanted to do it.

It was nice, they both wanted to open their own shop. We were lucky, we found this place, a beautiful building in Chippewa Falls and it’s been really good ever since.

Q: What have you found that you enjoy about owning a coffee shop?

A: Just all the regulars that we have, all day long. You get to know people. Just getting to know the people of Chippewa ... they become almost like a family.

Q: Now that you’re about at the two-year mark, is there anything you’re looking forward to doing or changing?

A: Yeah, we’re going to get into a little more bakery items, hopefully down the road get into pies and cheesecakes and things like that. I actually just got the outlet installed for a refrigerated case, that’s something. We might add a few more breakfast items and sandwich items. Nothing too major.

Q: Is there anything else you’d want people to know about you and your business?

A: I guess just that we couldn’t have asked for a better place, a city, to open up a coffee shop. Everybody is so friendly and appreciative and just compliments everything. It’s a great little town, I couldn’t have asked for a better spot, a better city, better customers. It’s pretty amazing how well it’s gone.

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