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FILE -- letter to the editor

In this unusual election year, I am not offering an official public endorsement of any presidential candidate. However, I urge you to be informed, lay aside your fears, take a hard look at these issues, and vote according to your conscience for the best candidate who will lead this great nation forward and keep it that way.

As we choose our next leader, I believe it is highly important to choose someone who supports life in all stages, ranging from the tiny fetus in vitro to our elderly, since all life is inherently a gift from God and only He has the right to retract it. Some of the candidates are lacking on this important point.

Who will completely stop public money from supporting Planned Parenthood? Are any of the candidates seeking God's sovereign guidance? Lying and deception, while commonplace in politics, are major shortcomings that are terrible qualities of any leader. One candidate in particular has been caught lying countless times, including under oath.

Who will cut government spending so our national debt stops skyrocketing? Cutting taxes is great, but if reckless spending is not cut, debt will continue to increase. We need to cut spending, then cut taxes.

Who can secure our borders and work with our allies, building up America and the world, rising above and conquering the terrorist threats instead of bowing to them? Who will continue to forge the legacy of the greatest nation on earth?

The stakes are high this fall. As the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band said recently, "America is already great." But it's up to us to keep it that way.

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Joel Wiltrout,

Chippewa Falls


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