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FILE -- letter to the editor

School system is our greatest resource

We have an interesting election coming Nov. 8. A much-divided nation will once again go to the polls and select our next president and local leaders.

Also, two very important referendum questions will be on the ballot for all Chippewa Falls residents and surrounding area. I am hoping to encourage everyone to take the time on Nov. 8 and go to the polls and vote.

Our greatest resource we have in Chippewa Falls is our school system. I believe at one time or another in everyone’s lifetime living in Chippewa Falls, their life has been impacted one way or the other by our school system.

We have made many positive changes to our city over the past year. Irvine Park with its changes to help the animals and the facilities that have been built there will impact our city for years to come. Before our eyes now, we have the changes coming to our riverfront and a beautiful park that is being built that will change the landscape for the better for years to come.

On Nov. 8, we all have the opportunity in our hands to move our city forward yet again by passing these two referendum questions before us.

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The school board members have done the homework. By passing these referendum questions, we will be giving our city and our school district such positive feedback for current and future teachers, children and grandchildren.

Please join me when going to the polls and think about the long-lasting positive impact we can do for our city and school district by voting yes.

Mark S. Brennan,

Chippewa Falls


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the end

people are our greatest resource. if you want people give them a community they can afford to have a home in. not taxing them out of their homes, vote no

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