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In a new poll, a majority of Wisconsinites disapprove of how Gov. Scott Walker is running the state, although state residents are split over whether to recall him.

A majority of Wisconsin residents don’t like the way Gov. Scott Walker is doing his job, but the state is split on whether to recall him, according to a new poll.

Some 56 percent of those polled disapprove of Walker’s performance. But only 47 percent want to recall him, compared to 49 percent who don’t — a statistical tie. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Only 19 percent said they believe the state’s economy will get worse in the next year, down from 36 percent six months ago, according to the poll of 605 residents conducted Oct. 23-26 for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

“There is a rising sense of optimism, and tempers that were flaring in March are subsiding a bit,” Will Howell, the University of Chicago professor who directed the poll, said in a news release. “Interestingly, this has not redounded to the benefit of the governor.“

Volunteers plan to start gathering signatures for a recall Nov. 15. They will need to collect more than 540,000 valid signatures by Jan. 17 to force a recall election that likely would be in the spring or summer.

Howell said the poll suggests that Walker would do better if the recall was a referendum on whether the state is turning things around or on the wisdom of recall elections in general, rather than a referendum on him.

Other highlights from the poll, which included cell phone users:

• 61 percent of those surveyed said their community schools have stayed the same in the past six months; 14 percent said they have gotten worse, and 10 percent said they have gotten better. Cuts to school aid and collective bargaining for teachers and other public employees have been major controversies in the state this year.

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• 34 percent have a favorable opinion of the Occupy Wall Street movement; 33 percent have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party.

• 50 percent have a favorable opinion of public employee unions, down from 59 percent in March but generally higher than elsewhere in the country.

• 54 percent approve of President Barack Obama’s performance and 42 percent disapprove. That’s more support for Obama than in much of the rest of the country.

• In head-to-head contests with three Republican challengers — Mitt Romney, Ricky Perry and Herman Cain — Obama is 11 percentage points ahead of Romney, his closest rival in Wisconsin. If the matchup were between those two candidates, Obama would get 46 percent of votes to Romney’s 35 percent, the poll said.

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Let's see:

6 months ago 36% think the economy will get worse. Now that plumets to 19%. Couldn't be the changes Walker made????

14% Think schools have gotten worse. I wonder what percentage of those poled were union government workers??? I'll bet my life's savings it was around 14%.....

59% of the people WERE favorable to the unions, now that number is only 50%? Sounds like a loss to me. Must be Bush's fault!!

Did I hear a hint of optimisim in this????

empire 2

Who are these people polling? My pole says Walker in a landslide, BRING ON THE RECALL!!


Stinger..haven't you learned from Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Chris Matthews, Barney Frank, and John Kerry that Free Speech only applies to libs. Said speech is tgo be filtered based on what Mr. Kerry finds to be factual based on his opinions.


Lets see, we don't like the mayor what the mayor is doing so have a recall, don't like a school board member so have a recall, don't like the DA so do a recall.

This is what an election is for, vote the person out when their term is done.

The money this will cost is absurd and a joke. Enough is enough


youknowme, have you ever watched Fox News? Obviously not. It's ridiculous comments like you made that starts ridiculous comments from both sides. It's also funny that just about every comment here blames the other side for the problems. Obviously both sides are not doing their job. Also this country is based on free speech without ridicule. Most of you here like to preach your constitutional rights, but don't live by them. Whatever is good for you is the answer without thinking of others.


Most of you sound like school children debating. No, he did it, no she did it. Really, are there any real adults here that can debate with a shroud of education?


Here's a practical thought: Read the article before making ridiculous accusations about others opinions. I agree with the article. I do not believe just about anything Walker is doing is good. But, he was elected by the majority of the people. Recalls should only be legal for elected officials who break the law. He did not, he just has not held up to the standards that some people who voted for him thought he would. This is not a reason for recall, if you don't like him, don't vote again.


Every elected official dissapoints people with something they do, but we elected that person. Either way, Walker just doesn't make new laws, it has to be voted by the majority. He can't just walk in the office one day and say from here on people will be allowed to carry concealed weapons, it has a process to go through to be approved. If you disagree with his antics, don't vote for him again. But people really need to do research on a candidate before voting and regreting.


I find it astonishing that our constitution allows for a “re-do” based upon nothing more than disagreement with the way someone leads. Nobody seemed to muster up enough support to get rid of a politician who broke the law numerous times and embarrassed the whole state. (Jeff Wood)
Am I wrong to think there is something wrong with the recall system that only seems to work when it shouldn’t?

This Guy

Though I don't agree with some of his decisions, I don't support a recall.


This governor that was voted in has created the BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT by giving the RICH people and Big Corporate Businesses a Huge tax break and the middle class is paying for it. WAKE UP WISCONSIN. It's WAY beyond unions/state workers. PULL YOUR HEADS OUT !!


Reader111- I'm not sure what you have against my post. I was responding to the post right before mine. Every name I mentioned has made statements about stifeling the opposition's opinions. xxxxxx-even though your deficit statement is false...how do explain the BILLIONS in deficits under the Doyle admin?


They all have a deficit but Doyle's was not this HUGE ........IT IS BEING CREATED TO HELP THE RICH.....CHECK IT OUT.How do you explain the Koch bros. and all their money involved in EVERYTHING. ??The phone call, and lying in Washington about collective bargaining. LOTS of people did not forget about things he has done.Read the Madison paper. Milwaukee County is still trying to dig their way out of the debt he created there.


Last I heard the budget was balanced, the transportation fund that Doyle raided was repaid, the tobacco fund that Doyle raided was repaid, and MN was repaid. Help the rich? What let companies, large and small, keep more of THEIR earned income so they can invest in capital or jobs? The absolute ONLY way it doesn't help everyone is if they take the tax break and bury it in the backyard or hide it under the mattress. ANYTHING else is putting that money to work.


By the way....The tobacco fund was raided by Scott McCallum.I'm glad to see that all the businesses are gettig to keep more money in their pockets. Ask the Koch brothers when they were getting a profit of 10 billion dollars in 2010, instead of hiring they layed off 25% of their empoyees in southern WI.I do agree that EVERYBODY should be paying TAXES. There are no jobs being created. Since tax breaks the unemployment is higher,to get worse.Thompson was a republican, but he WAS for the people.

empire 2

xxxxxx, rather than whine about how much someone else has why don't you go and get a job so you have some and let those who earned it keep more of their own. If you want more, get two jobs, you are only limited by your seeming right to take what others have earned. When did this become the American way? Everyone who is complaining, what makes you think you have the right to what others have earned?

empire 2

And as far as the unions are concerned, they brought this on themselves by their unreasonable demands on the taxpayers. Governor Walker is doing an excellent job so far, I hope he keeps up the great work for the majority of people of this state.


There are lots of private sector jobs that get paid more than union jobs. The unions bargained for lower wages and gave them back a raise for BETTER BENEFITS. You would think some of these people would give back some of their wages for better bennies. I wonder where walker was hiding his brown bag filled with his pension and health care money he" accidently" forget to pay ??? We should brown bag it, huh ??


It’s no different than the ramming through of ObamaCare, no one demanded a recall election. Many that supported the legislation paid the price during the mid-term elections….. Obama is the father of many new conservatives… repubs, demos, and independents alike. Some democrats are correct, in a round-about way….. he might be the best thing that has ever happened to this country.


[quote]xxxxxx said: "..."[/quote]

You evidently haven't pulled your head out of the sand as you are doing nothing here but spreading misinformation and downright lies to push whatever agenda you "think" is right.

Just because you don't agree with someone, doesn't mean you have to make things up and whine when you don't get your way.

The facts are what they are and you sir/madam, are a liar, and that is a fact you neglect to admit too.


.......We will be attempting to recall three Republican State Senators as well: Senators Van Wanggard, Terry Moulton, and Pam Galloway. We expect activists to try to recall other State Senators, however the Democratic Party is only focusing on these three districts. There will be a second petition for the Lt. Governor as well, so that means that our volunteers will have two petitions with them. In the districts with the 3 State Senators, they will not carry the Lt. Governor petition, instea

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