Photos: Remembering Wisconsin's deadliest tornado in 1899

Photos: Remembering Wisconsin's deadliest tornado in 1899

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Wisconsin's deadliest tornado struck New Richmond in St. Croix County on June 12, 1899, the worst in state history. More than 100 people and countless livestock were killed in the agricultural community of about 2,000 people, located some 250 miles northwest of Madison. The storm swept into town "with little warning and amazing force," according to the Wisconsin Historical Society, and when it was done, 117 people were left dead and 150 injured. At least 360 horses were killed, along with many cows, and 230 buildings destroyed. But the people of New Richmond rebuilt, erecting more than 100 new buildings in the next five months, according to the society. The Minneapolis Tribune, located just 45 miles away, decried in the next day's paper the "cyclone's fearful fury," reporting that much of New Richmond "is swept out of existence."

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