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"Opinion: Wisconsin Republicans are exploiting the pandemic to grab power. It’s a dangerous precedent.


Wisconsin Republicans have spent a decade eroding democracy in their state, entrenching their power against shifts in the popular will. With the help of former governor Scott Walker (R), GOP state lawmakers rammed through one of the most extreme gerrymanders the country has ever seen, assuring them a lock on the legislature. They imposed stringent voter ID laws intended to suppress Democratic votes. And when Tony Evers (D) won the governorship in 2018, the legislature voted to strip him of the power to, among other things, alter government benefit programs, before he could take the oath of office. Conservative judges largely blessed these power grabs.


Wisconsin Republicans are hardly an aberration. President Trump’s campaign is fighting efforts across the country to make voting easier during the coronavirus crisis. As Trump himself explained on Fox News last week, “If you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”



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