"Governor Evers, the last couple weeks, has been telling us he'd like to do a mask mandate, but A, he'd be sued, and B, if he was sued would lose," WisPolitics.com editor JR Ross said during the recent episode of Rewind: Your Week in Review. Ross explained that Jill Karofsky replacing Daniel Kelly on the state Supreme Court may have been the reason for the change in declaring a statewide mask mandate last week. Kelly was one of the justices who voted to overturn the stay at home order which now shines a light on Justice Brian Hagedorn who voted to uphold it. "We asked Evers about that, and he said it's not Jill Karofsky, it's the virus," Ross noted. "But I do get the impression from people that if there is a lawsuit, Evers stands a much better chance at winning with this composition than before."

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"On July 30, 2020, Wisconsin joined 31 other states—including Alabama, California, and Pennsylvania—with a statewide face covering order.


The governor’s office also released a set of frequently asked questions, addressing issues such as who is tasked with enforcing the order (state and local officials) and whether the order applies to businesses and office spaces specifically (yes, unless an exception applies).


It remains to be seen whether the order will be challenged in state court, although given the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year that invalidated the Wisconsin Safer at Home Order, such a challenge is likely. At least one state legislator has called for a legislative session to block the order. However, even if the order is invalidated, some localities, such as the City of Milwaukee and Madison/Dane County, have face-covering mandates in place."


"Without a uniform mask law, Wisconsin cities and counties are left to decide on their own what to do. That has caused them many problems, leaders of groups representing cities, villages and counties told members of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce on a telephone meeting Wednesday.


The Republican-controlled Legislature also has the authority to enact a statewide rule for masks, but GOP leaders have said they’re not interested in a mandate.


“I think wearing a mask should be voluntary and many people are already doing it,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said.... "



"Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) – the state’s largest and most influential business association – elected Kwik Trip Vice President Steve Loehr as Chairman of its Board of Directors on Thursday. Loehr will serve a two-year term and has been an active member of the Board since 2015.

“WMC is an effective advocate for the business community and a respected thought leader on Wisconsin’s economy,” said Loehr. “I have been honored to serve on the Board and look forward to continuing to bring our state’s business leaders together to continue our work to make Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation.”"


""An election is coming, and the company that Steve Loehr works for is preparing, even though its business isn't politics. Kwik Trip, the La Crosse-based operator of about 350 gas-and-convenience stores in three states, is affected very much by what politicians do. It is explaining this to employees."That's what our democracy is all about," said Loehr, Kwik Trip's vice president of operations support, "and we shouldn't stand by and complain if we haven't gotten involved." Kwik Trip has some new help in doing this: A program offered by the Wisconsin Prosperity Network, which is a branch of the nonpartisan but conservative group, Americans for Prosperity. The program, Prosperity 101, offers booklets, speakers and online classes whereby companies can brief employees on the basics of economics and politics. Linda Hansen, who heads the network, put together the program, which amounts to a defense of free enterprise. The economic parts of the booklet, written by the Wall Street Journal's Stephen Moore and businessman Herman Cain, is stuffed with charts about budgets and the Laffer Curve. The latter half is a nonpartisan civics lesson."[5]"



"Republican Herman Cain Dies From COVID-19 Complications Weeks After Going to Trump Rally Without a Mask"


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