On this episode of Rewind: Your Week in Review, WisconsinEye host and Capital Times reporter Briana Reilly and WisPolitics.com editor JR Ross discuss the flurry of bills heard in committees last week in preparation for upcoming floor sessions. As reported by Briana Reilly, lawmakers held a hearing on a fast moving bill to delay the redistricting process for county board and local aldermanic races, while other committees approved legislation that would: make it felony to recklessly handle a vaccine, ban the use of chokeholds except in certain situations, and overhaul other police procedures. Additionally, legislators heard testimony on a series of bills seeking to prevent companies, the state or other entities from requiring individuals to show proof that they've received the COVID-19 vaccine. Another bill would bar the UW System and tech colleges from requiring students to be tested for COIVD-19 or vaccinated against the virus. In this segment, JR Ross explains how the upcoming GOP state convention is setting the tone for lawmakers in the majority to push legislation through that may or may not be vetoed by the Governor.

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