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Jim Naugler

Jim Naugler

“Midwestern Nice” may be the punchline of a jaded cynic but it’s real.

Midwesterners use words foreign in other parts of the country like “excuse me” and “sorry.”

Generally, Midwesterners do not suffer fools gladly but stoically.

Somehow, they can ignore the blowhard who talks over other people as he interrupts.

Beer helps.

Next, the cretin who continues to argue after being proven wrong.

Exhibit A: Defense lawyer files a motion to throw out his client’s conviction for murder:

Judge: What’s the basis for the defendant’s motion?

Lawyer: There’s not enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

Judge: The defendant was found standing over the dead victim holding a smoking gun. The bullet from the body matched his gun.

Lawyer: He was framed.

Judge: He confessed to the murder.

Lawyer: He was mistaken.

Midwest judge (Midwestern Nice): All right, counsel, any further argument before I decide this motion?

East Coast judge (not so nice): Counsel, were you born a moron or did you become one after years of advanced study?

Intelligent, hardworking and modest, Midwesterners — contrary to scurrilous stereotype — don’t fall off potato wagons or think fast food is fine dining.

But Fargo is still a great movie. Sorry.

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