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John Andersen: A boomer tries to keep it real

John Andersen: A boomer tries to keep it real

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Spring arrived on Thursday, March 19, about 10:50 pm.

The Farmer’s Almanac tells me that this is the earliest Spring Equinox in 124 years. History also tells me to beware the Ides of March (March 15).

The Ides of March was certainly unlucky for the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, who was killed on that day. So ever since Julius met his end on that day, March 15 has been branded as unlucky for all of us. So I guess a few thoughts on events so far in March are in order.

Fifty-four years. That is what Colten Treu received for the November 2018 crash/hit and run that brought so much tragedy to the Lake Hallie-Chippewa Falls community.

As a friend of mine told me, “Treu’s future is now in his past.” Fifty-four years, almost three generations.

The seasons will change, the years will stretch into decades. For those people affected by the tragedy, time will pass. Sunrises will turn into sunsets and the march of days will continue. Hopefully those affected will find some measure of peace.

Colton Treu will not raise his own family. He will have no children or grandchildren. His days in prison will be interrupted only by family and friends visiting. At the age of 77, when he will be released in all reality, he will be alone in the world. Many people may feel that he got off lightly. The Chippewa County district attorney wished him to receive 90 years in prison. I would not know how to judge him, yet his life is over.

Treu’s actions have had an impact on everyone who responded to the call for help that day. My one true wish is that the body cam footage of the Lake Hallie police who responded will never see the light of day. Those of us who were there have those images indelibly etched on our souls. By that small measure, the community is fortunate that the case never went to trial.

In November of 2018, I wrote that someday we would all get beyond OK. Thanks to the support of the community and the well wishes that came in from across the United States, the fire, law enforcement and medical personnel who were out on County Trunk P, we are now able to say we are doing better than OK, we are doing pretty well.

Our continued best wishes go to the family and friends of those who passed away and a brave young lady who is still on the road to recovery.

Changing subjects: The week of March 8 featured returning to daylight saving time, a full moon and of course the ever-popular Friday the 13th.

Once upon a time we had a black cat. That cat really loved no one except Kathy and I. That cat was feisty and precocious — a hellion at an early age. That cat took nothing from anybody. I think of it every Halloween, full moon and Friday the 13th. I don’t think it cared much about daylight saving time; it was just a change in the time it was fed.

No one asked me, but I do believe that our friend the coronavirus may usher in a new way of life into elections in Wisconsin. Hopefully that bug will be the impetus for voting by mail. Think of it, it would be a public health dream. No mixing with other people, no need to use a touch screen to transmit germs to other people. Your hands would not be touching a polling station that other people used. What’s not to like?

In a very strange twist of fate, who would have thought that with an aging population and us boomers on the level or on a slight downswing that all the candidates for president, barring something really weird, will be older than 70?

Maybe the phrase “OK Boomer” was used too quickly and too early. Remember kids, if you want to give the Boomers the boot you have to show up and vote. If you do, maybe I can find you an old tie-dyed T-shirt for you to wear.

Well the Ides of March is past, so now on to Easter.


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