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John Andersen: Easter, an election and a new beginning
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John Andersen: Easter, an election and a new beginning

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A good Low Saturday or Easter Eve to you.

Some folks of the old school call this Holy Saturday. Others ignore it completely. Tomorrow is Easter, which this year is neither early or late . Some folks will observe it by attending church others will have a traditional family dinner or supper. Some may even brave COVID and go out to eat.

Due to COVID and the passage of time, my wife and I will have a traditional Easter Dinner and that will be that.

Easter Week will begin Easter Sunday and for 111 other countries in the world Easter Monday will also be a holiday. In the United States still, the most famous of the Easter Monday traditions is the egg rolling race, held annually on the lawn of the White House in Washington, DC. Decorated eggs are rolled down a hill or slope and the first one to reach the bottom unbroken is the winner.

Tuesday April 6 of Easter Week will feature a spring election as though we need another election. This election will feature local races for Town and Village Boards, School Boards, a State Superintendent of School’s Race, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and Circuit Court Judges.

The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals is a non-partisan race. The appeals court serves as the stepping stone to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court when a case is brought before it from a local circuit court decision.

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The Court of Appeals does business like this: Judges are chosen in nonpartisan elections from their respective districts to serve for six-year terms. There are no term limits for judges. Judges are elected in April. Makes decisions based on trial record and written briefs of the case; the court rarely hears oral arguments. There is no jury and the court does not hear testimony. Decisions of the appellate court are delivered in writing.

The chief judge is appointed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a three-year term. There are two candidates for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Outagamie County Circuit Court Judge Greg Gill(Conservative) and Wausau criminal defense attorney Rick Cveykus (Liberal).

With the arrival of Tuesday of Easter Week, most celebrations that I know of are gone. People return to work and the festivities are ended until next year. Local concerns such as pothole repair and road projects will be planned for late spring and summer. It is far too early for people or farmers to be planting but preparations will begin anyway. Hope springs eternal.

The Town of Hallie will review its comprehensive plan once again. The Town of Lafayette has been working on theirs. A Comprehensive Plan is the “vision” of a local government and is mandated by the State of Wisconsin. We all have in our mind what we would like to have our community look like and remain. Our idealistic thoughts may not be up to the face of reality.

Unfortunately Comprehensive Plans do not usually survive an attack of money. Almost all Comprehensive Plans in Towns wish to retain farming and the family farm. As we have seen in the Town of Washington if the kids are not willing to keep the farm and work it they will sell it off. If the Town is lucky they will sell it to a neighboring farmer. If the Town is not lucky the kids will sell it to a developer and in goes a new subdivision. Tradition is lost and another piece of rural life is ended. The times are changing.

We are in the tough part of spring, Here in Hallie the ice is out on Lake Hallie and the river is rising. Tulips are coming up soon to be followed by daffodils. It is 40 degrees right now and no one believes that we will not get another snowfall. So I will plug away getting the garage cleaned.

If you have been taught like I was Easter is the logical conclusion to Christmas. What was promised has been taken. A new beginning has been proclaimed and we can do with it as we like; I am not a philosopher or a theologian so a very Happy Easter to you all. Stay safe and be well.


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