Every so often it just pays to sit back and laugh.

This life is so short and we take ourselves so seriously we just have to stop and say to life, like Charlie Chaplin did, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So what made me laugh or smile lately?

It appears that Wisconsin has discovered it has a teacher shortage.

I got a big laugh from this quote from the Capital Times: “In a state facing worker shortages generally, it makes no sense to have qualified teachers sitting idle when teachers are needed to fill positions across the state,” Wisconsin Association of School Boards Executive Director John Ashley said in a statement.”

After I quit laughing, I have to ask; John, what do you think retirement is for; going back to work? When people put in their time they put in their time. Retirement is for sitting idly by and watching the birds fly. My retired teacher friends got an even bigger laugh out of it than I did.

My dear state of Iowa. You provided comic relief this past couple of weeks by using an untested app for your strange and confusing caucus process.

The app failed — which apps are prone to do. To make matters funnier, the app was built by a company named Shadow. Which takes me back to an old cartoon character called the Shadow. The tag line was “only the Shadow knows!” Better luck in four years, Iowa. It was fun while it lasted.

Then, of course there was the Super Bowl halftime show featuring 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and 43 year old Shakira (Isabel Mebarak Ripoll).

The halftime show needed a PG 13 rating: Parents Strongly Cautioned, some material may not be suited for children under age 13. Probably would have been a good reminder, but it did not happen.

The show itself featured Latin/Spanish/Hip-Hop/Rap music with some gyrations around a pole. If I tried that I would be in traction at St. Joe’s hospital living on pain meds and muscle relaxers for a week. The morality police aside, it was great to see women performers do an amazing job.

Some women were concerned that they could not look like the JLo and Shakira did at 50 and 43. Well, ladies, none of us guys who have passed 50 look like anyone of the football players on the field. In fact, the song “I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore” was written for us. Body shaming of women has to end and the morality police need to lighten up; this was a Super Bowl halftime show, not Walt Disney World. JLo and Shakira, thanks for the memories and the entertainment! As the kids say, you go girls.

I have a high school classmate who was often very quiet. She was very nice and very conservative. I saw her at my class reunion and we shared some laughs.

Today, she provided me with a great laugh. She is in Mexico and as she says is on the “fun side” of the boarder wall. She got a ‘butt tattoo” and is enjoying every minute of it. Perhaps we will all get to see it at our next informal class reunion at the Wood County Park Beach. Thanks for the laugh, kid, and have fun.

For those of you who missed it from the Milwaukee Journal on Jan. 28: “Oscar Mayer’s iconic Wienermobile got a grilling from a Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy because the driver of the giant hot dog failed to give enough room to another car on the road with emergency lights.”

Slow down and move over for emergency vehicles on the roadway is serious business. Yet how many times in a cop’s career can he or she can talk about pulling over the Wienermobile?

As a person who writes reports on a regular basis, I can imagine writing “Wienermobile” in your report over and over again.

I just spelled Wienermobile wrong and spell check caught it. That’s funny. Also the sun came out last week which brightened everyone’s mood.

Keep laughing. It may be all we have left.

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