We had quite a week in the Chippewa Falls, Lake Hallie and Lafayette area.

Five shooting deaths and a standoff at the Indianhead Motel. I was ready to write about them but the Chippewa Herald and the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram did a much better job than I could have on those subjects.

The Herald featured an article on the need for gun violence prevention and the ability of the federal Center for Disease Control to study the problem, The Leader-Telegram wrote an Op-Ed on the fact if you have to make the national news it is best not to make it on the basis that there was a mass murder in our area.

So that concluded my thoughts on that.

I then thought about writing an article on the treatment of Wisconsin Rep. Jimmy Anderson, who is confined to a wheelchair and suffers from recurring health issues, after being hit and nearly killed by a drunk driver in 2010.

It appears that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos will not allow Rep. Anderson to attend some Assembly committee meetings by phone to accommodate his being in a wheelchair and when his health condition does not allow him to attend in person.

Speaker Vos claims that Rep. Anderson would be disrespectful by asking questions of a person testifying before the committee via telephone, Skype or video conference. The disrespect would come from the fact that Rep. Anderson would be absent from the chamber.

I have attended several court hearings via telephone and have been present when a prisoner was speaking to a judge from a county jail miles from a courthouse via a video conference. It appears that Speaker Vos is proving himself to be the south end of a horse going north.

Of course, Vos is a Republican and Anderson is a Democrat — perhaps that has something to do with it. But I decided against writing about that because no one really believes in this day and age that someone who is in a wheelchair can’t have an accommodation made because of a disability.

I was going to write about the difficulty of having my mother-in-law placed in a nursing home —or, if you prefer, an assisted-living center.

For years my mother-in-law was a vital, strong-willed woman. We have watched her withdraw into herself until finally it became a simple matter of not being able to care for her in her home.

Like many people in their late 80s, she developed an illness that sapped her strength and only now is she returning to a bit of her former self.

The paperwork and the hurdles people have to go through to get help for a family member can be overwhelming.

The Aging, Disability Resource Center of Wood County is to be commended for its assistance to my wife. It is all too often that a daughter is the person who makes decisions on these matters, as the sons are not perceived as natural caregivers. But again, most people know that; so I chose not to write about that.

The weather is always a good topic to write about. After a full 10 days of hot, humid and rainy weather I mowed my lawn, which turned into a hayfield.

Just like area farmers, I have neatly cut rows of small clumps of hay. Also like area farmers, the cutting was done by a John Deere. Unlike area farmers, I have a lawn-care company come to the house to provide fertilizer and once-a- year lime. The farmers provide their own fertilizer and lime. However, two weeks ago I wrote about the end of July so I won’t write about weather.

I am writing this on Packer Family Night. All the news about the Packers is good. Family night is good and Aaron Rodgers is healthy again.

Big season coming up filled with big dreams. I view the upcoming season somewhat like the march to Christmas.

Expectations are building, plans are being made, the house is being decorated in green and gold so let the good times roll. Like the holiday itself, we will find out whether that red wagon turned into underwear and socks on Christmas Day.

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