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    I was surprised the Sept. 4 article "Election workers getting support" sought comment from Republican Party of Dane County chair Scott Grabins on election law and processes. The story didn't mention he signed on as a false elector in the conspiracy to change the 2020 Electoral College results.

      Aren’t you tired of the endless Donald Trump drama? He sure isn’t -- because he is cut from the same mold as the Kardashians, whose worth hinges solely on maintaining a glaring presence in the public eye. The quality of attention is irrelevant. It only matters that their names remain forefront.

      "Trying to be cleverly vague" is how Secretary of State Doug LaFollette describes Republican secretary of state candidate Amy Loudenbeck in the Sept. 1 article in the Wisconsin State Journal, "Loudenbeck won't commit to role." Avoiding any vagueness, I urge everyone not to vote for Loudenbeck for secretary of state.

      Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with stage four melanoma. My oncology team at UW Health was professional, compassionate and dedicated. My oncology nurse, in particular, guided me through my journey with skill, grace and kindness.


      Former President Donald Trump's supporters appear to be huge hypocrites. They are up in arms about President Joe Biden forgiving $20,000 in college debt for Pell Grant recipients. Most Pell Grant recipients are poor people who attempted to get a college degree to improve their lives but ended up with huge debts.

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