Most Republicans have abandoned the “Grover Norquist Pledge” they were required to make through the 1990s and 2000s if they wanted election support from their party. They pledged to support no increase in taxes. The objective, “Shrink government to a size small enough to drown in a bathtub!” Republicans and Democrats alike in Wisconsin now recognize we’ve strangled public funding to a point at which communities are voting to raise their own property taxes. We’re struggling to heat our schools through the winter and teachers are leaving the state at record numbers.

The governor’s own party has pushed Scott Walker to accept the fact that, if we want to maintain roads and bridges, gas taxes need to rise with inflation. He has refused. We can’t afford to let Wisconsin dive to the bottom when it comes to support of families, education and pubic infrastructure. We can’t afford to give up the clean water, rural character, and natural eco-systems that make Wisconsin a destination for millions of visitors each year. Our own children! Would they come back to visit us if we gave up on our commitment to protect the quality of life, sense of community, and outdoor traditions that make Wisconsin Wisconsin? We can’t afford another four years of Scott Walker.

Bruce Neeb, Eau Claire

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