In his eight or so hours of revelations, apologies, protests, confessions, remonstrations, explanations and self justifications last Tuesday, Michael Cohen revealed little we did not already know or suspect about Donald Trump; or about Cohen himself, for that matter.

We have seen, again, a president whose lack of character and integrity is frighteningly appalling and reprehensible. But now we have seen this reflected in the Republicans who are part of the panel that confronted Cohen, one of them from Wisconsin. This is the party that for years claimed for itself the moral high ground, but we saw them eagerly, even passionately at times, demean themselves in order to deflect our attention from a fatally flawed charlatan. They knew they could not invalidate the message Cohen brought, so they threw themselves at him in order to do harm to the messenger.

All they accomplished was damage to themselves. Cohen warned them, using himself as a prime example, that serving and defending a man like Trump in the way he expects and demands, may end their careers, reputations and even self esteem. As his has ended.

They need to ask themselves, is it worth it?

Curt Rohland, Chippewa Falls

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Don't worry, it's only a matter of time before the comiecrats take back the white house and you'll be wishing you had Trump back.


Wasn't Cohen fired by Trump? that right there would be a motive for lying about some things. Why should we believe Cohen who has proven himself to be a liar?

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