Saturday's State Journal article "Emails show romaine concerns" highlighted water safety concerns in the leafy greens industry.

These concerns were related to E. coli outbreaks in romaine lettuce that killed five people last year. The article focused on the failure of the leafy greens industry to stop outbreaks and noted that "even regulators aren't sure how to fix the problem."

Earlier in the article, almost buried in the story about last April's deadly E. coli outbreak, is this sentence: "That was later linked to an irrigation canal near a massive cattle lot in Arizona." It seems there is too much investigation into trying to fix the wrong industry. Lettuce doesn't produce dangerous bacteria. We should regulate and fix the farming practices that are actually producing the problem.

"Massive" cattle lots produce the bacteria and contaminate the water. Start looking for solutions there.

Lori Seaborne, Madison

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