Parents of high school and youth aged children should be very concerned for high school and youth football participation. Every year a fewer amount of high school and youth kids participate in football. The cause behind the dropping numbers is mainly the parents fear of injuries for their children.

Engineers and doctors have constantly been creating new equipment to reduce the chance of injury since the beginning of football, and especially over the 21st century. Not only is the equipment safer, the rules and penalties are a lot stricter for safety. In football, you are only allowed to have up to one hour of contact per week in practice, and that includes everything from bumping to tackling. Techniques taught for tackling have been studied by doctors and improved to the safest possible forms. That drastically decreases the amount of injuries, and more in particular, head injuries every year to high school and youth kids.

Why motivate your kids to play football over any other sport? Speaking from experience I can confidently say that football has taught me many things that no other sport did. The challenges you face and the hard work it takes to play football are unknown in every other sport. Overall shaping you into a hardworking person that can overcome rigorous obstacles in life that no previous tennis or chess player can do. Encouraging your kids to join football at a young age and during high school will benefit them immensely with everything they do.

Dylan North, New Auburn

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